Whats the worst injury you have sustained when decorating the Mess for Xmas

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hogfather853, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. One of the guys in the office is walking around like he has been harpooned in the back with a red hot poker. This obviously life changing injury was sustained during the time old tradition of decorating the mess for Christmas.

    The poor old bugger over stretched when putting tinsle around Phill the Greeks picture and is now walking like he has shit himslef.

    So what is the worst injury you have received whilst decorating the mess for christmas?
  2. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I haven't managed to get around to the decorating yet...

    All these "What's the best", "What's the worst" threads you keep starting have frankly kept me gripped to the edge of my seat.
  3. Didn't injure myself, but I recal the Mess in Moscow Camp being injured when a Pig came through the wall.
  4. Firstly - he is blagging it, just turned out for the customary free barrel of out of date lager.

    Secondly - me too :excited:
  5. Thanks for the nice comments glad that i can be of service. Yes my sarcasm meter has just gone bat shit!
  6. Not this one.
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  7. Give me a chance, i was saving that one for next week!
  8. 'Which poster deprives you of the will to live?'
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  9. .
    I once put some tinsel up in our Mess with a bolt gun, whilst perched on one foot, on an old ricketedy wooden stepladder, which was right next to a huge glass window with gas bottles and a rusty spiked fence the other side. Nothing happened ... because I not a fuckwit.
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  10. Paper cut to my arse caused when using that 'greaseproof' Army bog roll.
  11. Whilst decorating the Mess, there just has to be a story here.
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  12. Wasn't decorating the mess but to paraphrase trooper "on a cold belfast night" in South Armagh... Whilst passing those tension filled dark hours at about 3 am there I was all alone, cock in hand, in my wire mess enclosed sanger. What do I do? Spoff on the radiator or into the eye piece of the IWS?

    Being a sharing kind of bloke I decide to do both, I then proceeded to snag my helmet in them little rubber things you're meant to open by pressing your eye to the eyepiece then burnt my cock on the radiator. Top soldier me.
  13. Years ago. getting towards the end of the actual decorating bit in York and decided to try to impress some WRAC bint with big tits but a nice face so got up on bar on my knees and started trying to attach some mistletoe when she comes up behind me and pulls my ankle. Fucking falling face-first (an improvement possibly?) but I decide to catch myself. Left hand goes out and catches corner of bar and bends thumb back to wrist. Fuck me, that was sore. She was awfully sorry, good BJ a couple of weeks after if I recall!
  14. Opening scene on 'Casualty' Walt.
  15. That very morning I kissed each of my young children goodbye and told them I'd see them real soon and I also cancelled my life insurance policy whilst on the way to work.
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