Whats the worst F**K Up you have seen or heard of !

The old Sapper Forum seems a bit dead at the moment so ill start with a few to get the ball rolling!

!. Op Granby- " Two Avre 165,s destroyed by their crews cooking inside whilst refuelling ! Bloody big bang once all the 165 rounds, 30 rounds, explosives etc cooked off !!

2. Batus - Tp SSgt Fires live bridge demolition with various dignatries CRE to name but one having just finished looking at said demolition and still mincing round the general area.

3. Salisbury Plain - Sprog troopy delploys with no pink and then harbours up Tp in the impact area for an AS90 shoot. Needless to say Troop is not there for long but brocken down vehicles left on range (said troopy spent a couple of hours worrying about kit insurance and the cost of CVRT's).

Fortunately noo ne was killed but more through luck than judgement!
Don't forget that firing of a "Giant Viper" in a harbour area out there too(Op Granby)....hehehe...lucky for everyone concerned it didn't go anywhere!!!(especially RHQ.....they would've had a long red hose lying next to them...for a few seconds or so!!) :lol: :lol: :lol:
Not forgetting the all time classic at 3 Regt where a individual forgot to pin the 432 push bar to a 24 bay MGB. The 432 boomed the bridge out across the gap the 432 stopped! but the bridge never and it continued across the gap, the nose went straight through a brand new hanger on the far side knocking a civie workman off his ladder working on the inside of the hanger :D Needless to say no one admitted to being centre of bridge that day.
During an exercise a few years back we had an attached TA Staffy doing a 12 Bay MGB. He managed to boom it fwd a little too much so the veh pushing was on it's back wheels. The TA driver fretted a littled with no help from the screaming Staffy, reversed a little too much and somehow, I still don't know how the 9 odd bays were resting nicely on the ground and not on the rollers or building frame. If you've ever tried to strip a MGB from the ground you'll understand why the TA never got invited back to play with the real soldiers.
We have a former Major RE living here in Thailand.
As a young Subalter in 42 he prepared a professional demolition of the main/only railway bridge over the Sittang River in Burma.
He was then sent up river to take out any instalation that would be of use to advancing Japs.
Retuning two weeks later, someone in the Civvy administration, had order his pro demolition removed as Jap would never get this far.
The military ordered a quick demolition fitted, which was carried out with what was then available by local troops, not much pro material.
When blown 2/3rds of a infantary brigade where on the wrong side of the river and the main span was not fully destroyed.
It still grips with him after 50 years.
Not one of you myself, but felt that this was a good place to put this one.

Watching an AS90 burn for three days in the desert after the BK was told not to move it by a Crafty!!

Feckin big carpet needed for an AS90 but they found one.
Oooh, let me see now......

Just about every EOD task you've ever turned up to? :wink: :p :lol:
Just about every EOD task you've ever turned up to?

Yea ill agree with that saw some absolute crackers in Bosnia!

Mines what Mines ! (EOD)

Those Mines (pointing) (Spr OC)

They werent there when we cleared the site(EOD)

OH Really !!! :lol: :lol:
Not RE but worth a mention. HQ 1(BR) Corps back in the late 80's on Ex Winter Sales, the massive winter staff exercise out in the field. All the major sigs units were deployed and elements from all NATO nations were attached to the headquarters. About day 5 we were all ordered back to Ripon Barracks in Bielefeld because 'something' had happened to fubarr the entire excersise, it later transgressed that between NORTHAG, JHQ and HQ 1(BR) Corps someone had set one of the computerised excercise clocks 24 hours too fast and a tactical nuke (one of ours it later emerged) had detonated over one of the corps HQ locations wiping out the entire staff. They called a big endex and we all had to sleep in the washdown for the rest of the excersise period whilst the corps commander (Lt Gen Inge - not one noted for his symapthy towards staff officers) sorted the mess out.
White Rhino one of the last big FTX's in Germany in about 89 i think, Endex was called so the whole BG harboured up on the out skirts of small German town over the weekend to wait for the rail lift on Monday. A Tankie Pod OP rather than go through the hassle of emptying his pod through the system emptied the contents into a little stream, stream fed river river fed salmon farm consequently it caused the single most expensive damage on the whole ftx 10's of thousands of marks. People were still going on the board of enquiry a year later.
With regards to the runaway MGB going through a hangar, I was across the way when it happened, doing 12 bay DS over finger lake. Imagine my surprise when, 9 years later, a new OC in hameln turns out to have the very clip that somebody forgot to insert and someone else didn't check, on his desk to remind him that sometimes things do go horribly wrong! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Germany 88 ish . I saw a |CET go swimming in a river on a bridge site . Funny thing was it was not prepped for Swimming , i think it fell off the bank. Anyway the cerw abandoned frog and were swept away by the rivers current. The saftey boat spang into action and made to do some rescuing. The outboard didint start and they had no paddels. They were seen overtaking the CET crew,and off they all floted. they eventually returned about 20 mins later. Ten days later the frog Had been recoverd using three Big fook off masive cranes. The cet crew also lost their Gats. ( 7 Sqn 21)

NI 99. Build of a pier extension at Strangford loch yatch club. 1 Hydrema broke down on the beach , flat batt or some thing utterly avoidable. Which became totally submerged when the tide came in!!! Work was comencing and a bigger crane was reqiured , only thing was the crane did'nt fit down the small lanes leading to the yatch club. It ended up in a wet ditch and the ony way to recover it was to roll it onto its roof and back onto its wheels. well on a crane that costs £700,000 this is not a good thing, in fact it was written off as the gib was buckled. Not bad for an estimated job cost of £4000 (43 Sqn 25)
Malinkey - if I think long and hard i could probably name the frog ops from little episode.

Oh how we laughed ...... believe he was preping the landing site when the bank caved in ... if my memory serves me right the ops were gonna lock down till someone reminded them the escape hatch was not prepped !!!
Letting a Korean drive a M109...fecking buckethead hit five parked cars and a light post...scratched the paint on the M109 and really dinged up some KIA's :D

Hard to drive a track vehicle with your eyes half closed 8O :D
Gunny Genko! Now there was a troop staffy who could never get my name right no matter how many times he shouted it down the corridor to the G10! Must have been the accent or maybe just my dodgy hearing.

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