What's the worst/ best thing you have found in a baggage room?

Baggage rooms are a dumping group for loads of useless rubbish, a hiding place for specialist 'material' and oversized objects. What is the best/ worst thing you he found in them?


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"When the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table"


A very angry Caimen, waiting for his normal place of abode, the bath, to be inspected by the OO. Instruction was "Show bath clear of Alligatoridae."

Eventually, he outgrew the bath and had to be released into the 'wild'. The nearest wild we could find was the moat around the Schloss in Detmold town centre.

Cue Tropper-Two-Accounts with a bigger croc of shite.
Cue Tropper-Two-Accounts with a bigger croc of shite.

A Brontosaurus into the back garden of Buck House during the changing of the guard.

I didn't personally find them, but the people investigating the fire in San Carlos block, Blandford did - a pair of boxer shorts soaked in Brasso and then set alight. Cost everyone in all the portakabin blocks there weeks of daily block inspections that.
Best: A complete sleeping system left behind by the previous unit which got me off the hook with the CQMS at the next stores inspection.

Worst: Somebody's leftover lumber from the night before during a block inspection while I happened to be Duty Student on a PJNCO Cadre. On the plus side, it helped improve my fitness - just like so many of the 'highlights' of my Army career did.