What's the weirdest thing you've put/got under your foreskin?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stan_Da_Bout, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Mine.... Without using my hands, a piece of sweetcorn having been previously digested by a compliant lady.
  2. Not everyone on here has a foreskin, trig.

    I do know a good story about KFC though.
  3. Obviously those without foreskins need not reply.....
  4. Dogshit ........
  5. Do I win a prize for never , ever sticking anything under my foreskin? All you Jews and Muzzies who are foreskinless, piss off.
  6. Meh, who hasn't? I have also, however, had my cock stuck to the duvet in the morning after some vigorous love making during the ladies lunar cycle.
  7. About 20 5p coins.

    There was drink involved.
  8. For me it was an assortment of sweets including cherry lips and love hearts, which had originally started off in my daughter's mouth.
  9. Half a Sky Tv remote, a hockey stick and a pair of clowns shoes....
  10. 'I've Got Ewe Under My 'Skin'
  11. Lightweight, I managed to smuggle a Tunisian midget and 3 cans of special brew up mine.
  12. As long as the little North African twat was being smuggled out of the UK, good.
  13. circumcised
  14. clothes pegs
  15. £10 in 50p. Wasnt worth the bet.