Whats the unfairset punishment youve ever received?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by greengoblin, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Nuff said.

    (God I'm sad being in on a Sat night!!)
  2. 6 weeks of extras for a crime I didn't commit.

  3. My dad once made me sit through an entitre Man Utd match wearing one of his Man U shirts, just for writing Leeds til I die on my bedroom wall ! - I was only 9 or 10 !

    I also got 28 days nick for going to a certain Night Club in NI :headbang:
  4. I was executed by firing squad for riding a BMX without lights - during the day.
  5. Did you promptly escape from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground?
  6. Did I fuck. I just drank alcohol-free beer for 6 weeks. I lost my beer gut though which was a pleasant suprise.
  7. Got married :(
  8. 2 weeks nick for under age drinking, I wasn't even drunk, the cnuts.
  9. Once got 5 extras from the BSM for wearing a brass cap badge, he confiscated the badge and then I only saw the cnut wearing it himself subsequently I got 7 day ROPs for calling him a cnut or words to that effect!!

    Ubique - qui separabit!!
  10. Got a Severe dig as a full screw for disobeying Part 1 orders,in that I drove my car without Tax,lost 3 years seniority,No LSGC for me 13 years later.The cnuts had me posted to Berlin as well. BITTER, Oh yes.

    What would someone get for that offence, in theese enlightened times.?
  11. I used my ID Card in a bank to prove who I was; was not handed it back by cashier. Noticed this as I stepped outside at which point they closed the door behind me (closing time).

    I rang the bank and they arranged to have it sent to me recorded delivery (I was in London for the day).

    On return to barracks I was grassed up (before I could report its loss) by gate guard for not having my ID. Charged by my Sgt Major and went straight on OC's. Charged £120 and was then handed back my ID card by Sgt Major (who I had arranged for it to be sent to) as I walked out of orders.

    £120 fine for having my ID card sent to me (was only without it for 16 hours).
  12. haha.
  13. Never been caught.
  14. Were you a full screw at your 2 year point then?
  15. I was dropped like a hot turd from a high-stepping camel by my Corporal in Juniors. When it came to skirmishing I didn't quite "get it" and consequently didn't quite "do it" when required.

    He snotted me so fcuking hard i fell like a sack of sh1t.

    Quite funny to see him 3 years later being invited to join civvy street for doing something similar to a higher rank.

    He'd got his hair cut for the occasion too, taken out those annoying laces and was walking at ever such a quick pace to a B & B in Colchester where he stayed until he found his feet.