Whats the turnout like at your unit?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. 75-100% of the unit strength.

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  2. 50- 75% of the unit strength.

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  3. 25-50% of the unit strength.

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  4. Both of us.

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  5. Just me.

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  1. Hmmm, so far 10 out of 12 say that they'd expect less than a 50% turnout. Not good, especially if the unit isn't fully manned!

    Does this sound like a true picture for your unit?

    Where I am at present we are struggling both with recruitment and retention, and as if that's not bad enough, it's a struggle to get the people we have got to turn up for anything remotely strenuous!
  2. In our section of the sqn it is rare to have more than 3 guys absent from a training weekend
  3. God knows whats happened to my unit, every Tuesday we'll be lucky if there are anymore than 20 people turn up and thats on a good day, as for the weekends my god!! the last 2 shooting weekends I have been on there have been 4 people to show including myself.
  4. The Unit I'm currently with has no problems with attendance, this w/e we had 50 plus, mind you I am posted to an RTC!!!
  5. WE`re struggling, Tuesday attendence seldom breaks double figures, however, on the major FTX`s we field a good turnout.
    Beats me what the answer is
  6. The excuse that most of them seem to have come up with is that they are all back at college or uni so no longer have the time, the other half have all got their driving licences through the TA so have got what they want and can no longer be arsed, I think it's terrible.
  7. My troop considers itself busy if we can mange three ranks on first parade. Out of interest, what time do the rest of you train? We used to be a lot busier when we trained 20:00 - 22:00 than what we have been over the last year since we changed to 19:30 - 21:30. I know its only half an hour difference, but for some that half an hour extra means they can get home from work, enjoy their tea and still get to the TAC in uniform for first parade as opposed to thinking screw it, it's too much of a rush.
  8. 19.30 - 21.30 the thing is most of them all live just around the corner, I have to travel straight from work which is in London to the TAC in Suffolk and still make it, so there is no excuse really, the later it is the more time people have to get cosy in their gaffs and not bother to show a bit of effort and venture out into the cold.
  9. The 8pm start.....interesting, it obviously works there, how does it tie in with public transport, last bus an' all that?
  10. I don't know, I don't turn up :D
  11. Our TAC is about 10 minute walk to the main town bus station which has buses running out to the local cities (Birmingham, Wolverhampton) until the early hours, and we're 5 minutes from the train station. So in respect to the public transport there are no problems. We don't have that many that rely on public transport any more, they've either passed their tests or we have a lot of car sharing now.
  12. :D :D
  13. We normally get between 40 or 50 at our TA centre on our Tuesday evening, which is approx half of our unit strength.
  14. the barracks im at are shared by 2 units

    one is infantry the other is RLC

    i have been in both in my time

    the infantry on a good parade including all the recruits your looking at 8 people normally including the NCOs

    the medics a bit better usually 12-15 including recruits and NCOs

    although the infantry on a wary weekend can put down usually 3 people (im being serious i did every available weekend with them and it never exceeded 3 people)

    the RLC lot about the same maybe a few more they dont like the FTX very much