Whats the stupidest thing your missus has said?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sparky8, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. My own personal one came whilst driving with my missus through Bulford village. Going past the church I said,"I wonder what type of church that is?" meaning Norman, Saxon etc because it has a very strange spire. (not the most riveting of conversations I know!)

    To which my other half dreamily replied, "I don't know, Christian I think". Needless to say, plenty of piss taking followed.

    Another favourite is my pals wife vehemently insisting that she would be voting Tory and not Conservative at the last election and another pals wife who asked for a George Formby grill.

    Its a slow work day so lets get some smiles on faces!
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Bar Steward, beat me to it.
  3. When explaining PAX (insurance) and the benefits, my blonde wife stated 'If I die, you'll be better off'. I assured her that I couldn't agree more!
  4. "do train drivers have steering wheels?"
  5. "No". It gave her a nose bleed.
  6. while ironing with just a side light on, an ex-trout of mine said 'can you see ok with just that little light on?' I looked up and around and said 'Who said that?' to which she replied while switching the main light on 'me'.
  7. I heard that they found the fossill of a dragon recently 8O :lol: :lol:
  8. On passing a War Memorial "There must be an awful lot of memories associated with that" :D
  9. Slightley off thread, i had a partner who couldnt get to grips with directions and assumend that which ever way she was facing was North. Endless arguments of course.
  10. Whilst driving back from the airport after a couple of weeks away, my wife sheiked that the car was missing from the driveway and must have been stolen. I felt I needed to remind her that she was sat in it.
  11. "Today's the longest day".It was the 6th of June! I explained about soltices and equinoxes and the explanation was grudgingly accepted.It was only recently on seeing the classic war film that the reason for the poor dears confusion became obvious :D
  12. Whilst watching 633 Squadron, Wife says "Is this a war film?"
  13. Read this in FHM.

    Young lady looks at A-Z and says: "I didn't know there was a river that ran all the way around London".
    Partner, slightly puzzled, looks down to see her pointing at the M25!

    and to top it off, when this was published in FHM someone wrote in saying: The M25 isn't a river!
  14. Mine refuses to believe dinosaurs ever existed, because she's never seen one.