Whats the strangest/Funniest naughty film youve seen?

Apologies if this has been done before......

Whats the wierdest/strangest/funniest porno you've seen....

Funniest I've seen is Ramco's 'Clown Porn' - a quality production, involving rubber chickens, circus music, custard pies, and much hilarity among the boning...well worth a watch, just for the laughs!!

The strangest was a clip I found which consisted of 2 skateboarding dwarves/midgets dressed as oompah loompahs, singing adult versions of the songs from the Willy Wonka movie, while giving a tired old blonde the good news.....

Links would be appreciated too.... :twisted:

p.s. No mong porn please.....
Midget gang bang....stunpy bird getting a train pulled on her by about 5 6ft lads
the old classic ....animal farm dont think I need to disscus that 8)
Been done really, there is a sticky at the top of the NAAFI trying to stop threads like this wasting bandwidth.(Pics/Videos)
Good Idea, has been done to death though.
Baise Moi

Two french birds go round shagging and killing men after they've been raped.

Not technically a porno but may as well be considering they had actual sex all the way through, even in the notorious rape scene

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