Whats the story behind the Pussycat Dolls?

I've heard they're all ex-lapdancers, ex-hookers, even one is an ex-bloke 8O

What have you heard??
easy-wan-kenobi said:
iv shagged 3 of them.

i was mint
I've heard that ALL of them are ex-blokes, well done E-W-K.


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He will be able to supply chapter and verse (or erse) :evil:
dan_man said:
I heard they were aliens that have an aim of mateing as many men as possible then the alien bursts out your ball sack. Nasty stuff.

Am willing to take that chance
Cripes, they look like the Brotherhood of Man except without crimpoline suits and big floppy tashes. What a hideous collection of council estate scutters they are.
I think you're deluding yourselves gents,

if one of these strolled up to you in a club you'd be off with em in a shot, tongue out, cock dribbling!!


well I would and I'm a fecking monster fanny magnet
well I would and I'm a fecking monster fanny magnet

You mean you only attract monsters fannys. I feel sorry for you.
simple, they're all silly l'il sluts with a thing about gyrating with their legs oopen (which they call dancing)
probably all ex blokes, ex hookers and yup probably all seen the wrong end of a squaddie's tackle :p

She may be a bollox singing septic trollop, but she is fit as fcuk....... I most definately would, then eat it out after!

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