What's the Spanish for Hypocrisy ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld_Sapper, Aug 4, 2004.

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  1. Been listening to the news all night and they're obviously covering the 300 year celebrations in Gib. Predicably the Spanish Gov is bleating about insensitivity, colonalism etc, etc, because they want 'thier colony' back, this despite the fact that 98.9 % of Gib residents told them to fack off.

    The Spanish Foriegn Minister was dribbling on about it being a shame that colonalism and border disputes are still a feature of a modern European Community, blithly ignoring the fact the that when mention is made of thier, disputed, colonies in North Africa, Ceuta, Melilda et al, and the, disputed, area of Portugal they occupy, they give an Iberian shrug and say 'There's nothing too discuss. So there !'

    So, hypocritical ? Fackin right. No intention of giving up thier colonies. Harassment of Gibraltar with restrictions on trade, tourism and telecoms despite the fact that the Gibees want nothing to do with them.

    It's shocking, so it is ! Our Government should facking well do something about it !!

    Oh, I forgot, they plan too. In the interests of European harmony Bliar and his team are going to listen carefully to the British citizens of The Rock and then hand them over to the Spanish anyway.

    Whats the bet the next 'celebration' on Gibraltar will be the raising of the Spanish flag ?

    B*stards !

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  2. If they want the rock back then we should start claiming back all the colonies we gave away or lost over the last 300 years!
    Secondly without Gibraltar Europe would be a totally different place and probable even more unpleasant. Firstly without Gibraltar the navy wouldn’t have been able to dominate the med during early 19th century leading to the Napoleonic wars ending differently. But even more importantly without Gibraltar we would have been unable to support 8th Army in N. Africa so we’d have lost the Canal, no Arabian oil fields, no Italian landing thus no Italian withdrawal and a completely different war in Europe. Though the Spanish would mind this as they thought fascism was a perfectly good form of government well after most of Europe had given up on the idea.

  3. Facking right, and the rest ! Lets start with Spain ! Give it back to the Moors. Right now !

    Ubique ya bass !!
  4. Having held Gib Residency....I am certain that the Gibo's will never willingly accept Spanish sovereignty...........That said as you say; B-Liar will be more than happy to sell them out!! :evil:
  5. 'Course now that the Spanish are no longer part of the 'coalition of the willing' Bliar might make em wait a bit as a punishment, but...........

    And, unfortunately, for what the residents of Gib think, he will not give a fig.

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  6. AAAAH GIBRALTER Where Grandad Trotsky and his mates plotted one of the longest Mosquito sorties of the war and CCF cadet Trotsky spent 7 happy days in 1984

    One of the officers died on the flight on the way over, a bunch of crabs burst into our room shouting drunkenly in "spanish" and I learnt one of my first lessons in female imposed disappointment......

    In those days there was a resident infantry company (From 1DWR I believe) a flight of RAF jaguars and a general air that we meant business.

    The INF took us to an OP overlooking La Linea Barracks where we could see the spanish NIKE installations and loads of rather unkempt looking conscripts sitting around like extras from "Clear and Present Danger"

    Nowadays I expect there are next to no defences and any local difficulty will be sorted out with a couple of glasses of dry sherry, a swift flag lowering and a priority seat on the next Monarch flight to Luton.

    On a day so important to the people of Gibralter you would think that a royal or two would show up, or is that to antagonsitic Tony.....

  7. 'Hipocresía' or 'Dos bastardos afrontados' works as well .
  8. Spanish for hypocrisy??

    Easy....Ceuta!! (Morroco) :D :D
  9. i have been to Gibraltar and i like the place, it makes a change from the spanish mainland when i am on holiday in Spain, i also have stayed over in Gibraltar .
    the rock is suprisingly green i walked the ridge and the watch towers there is some tall trees.
    after the tourist have gone(day trippers) the town comes into its own and i find it charming.
    i am pleased that the Gibratarians now have "The Royal Gibraltar Regiment" which they can call their own, they also have done their turn guarding Buckingham Palace.
    in every way the Gibs are just a British as us if not more so.
    all the Spansh Atagonism will only make the Gib more unwilling to join with Spain, the biggest own goal was shutting up the borders for a few years, it only made the rock more British than ever!. anyway who wants to join up with a fascist country.
    its still just as fascist and hypocritical as ever.
    one thing we should have done in 1704 is acquire the entire bay not just the rock then we might have been in a better position re self sufficiency

    i hope the rock will have better times in the future
    happy 300th anniversary!
  10. Just to let you Know HMS Grafton is setting sail to go join the celebrations, (Grafton being the name of one of the ships the first time round)


  11. Hang on though, Between us and the scandinavians we're busy colonising all sorts of bits of Spain....yes one day the Union flag will fly over the Canary Islands, Majorca and the Costa Blanca mwahahahaha :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    If they want Gib, as the old saying goes "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" well...as long as we don't have a bunch of wet blankets in power at the time that is
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/3533676.stm

    Interesting bit in here about our glorious merkin fcuking coalition 'friends' pulling their ship out of the celebrations because of pressure from the dagos.

    Nice to know who your friends are. Anyone for a White House Barbie?
  13. I was most gratified that Grafton seriously pissed the Spanish off with her 21-gun salute the other day.

    It's actually quite heartening when you consider that the three things that have pissed the Spaniards off recently have been Government-sanctioned - the visit of the Princess Royal, the gun salute and the attendance of BuffHoon at the celebrations yesterday.

    Who would have thought it - a Labour government going to pains to piss off an ultra-socialist government by flaunting its sovereignty over dependent territories. :roll:
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I suspect our current (not for long he he he) government understood that a 99% against and pretty firm British mainland opinion meant going down this road was an impossibility.

    I further suspect that they can see the positive votes in sticking it to Miquel and his paella eating surrender monkey mates.

    Fck the Fish stealing Spaniards, they've ruined their own country and now want to ruin part of ours...

    No Speako deigo mate

    Wellington shoulda taken the whole damned country rather than just a lump of rock, then we'd have all the chorizo and Sangria we could shake a stick at.

    In defence of Tony, he's started the same number of wars as Maggie Thatcher (GW1, Falklands, Miners Strike vs GW2, Kos, SL)
  15. Afghanistan?

    East Timor?