Whats the situation like for our forces these days?

A few questions for members serving in the forces who have been to Iraq and Afghanistan

Hi ARRSE members, my name is ben and im a student of Journalism and Politics who writes for a student rag.

I would like to get some genuine views from the frontline to let our nations young people know what the real situation is, and not just spout off some third hand stuff ive copied from the professional media or the opinions of armchair 'experts.'

Having spoken to Bad CO about my request, let me make it quite clear that I am in no way asking people to reveal sensative information that could jepordise the security of troops in theatre or their missions.

With that provisio, I would like to hear from service members their views on the following questions.

1. Are our forces properly equipped for the job, what additional or different weapons, vehicles and equipment would make it easier for them?

2. Are the missions in Afghanistan and Iraq worthwhile, and are they still achievable as far as the servicemen and women who have served in them concerened?

3. How do members of the forces feel about the way the government looks after them? Cuts in Infantry battalions while increasing troop commitments seems crazy.

Is it right to spend huge chunks of MOD budget on 'new toys' like Eurofighter, Trident replacement etc which dont really help with current requirements while cutting Infantry who are needed for all the war fighting and peace keeping missions we are currently engaged in?

What about the lack of adequate military medical services? Does the UK neglect current and former service members who have been physically and psychologically damaged in the service of the country?

I am hoping for the genuine views of service people and want to get an authentic message to use for a feature about Iraq and the UK military.

I am not interested in knocking our armed forces or just slagging off the government for the sake of it, if your message is not heard then people will generally only hear government spin or anti war rhetoric, so please help with your contributions, thanks, Ben


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I think if you used the search function on the site you would find many of the answers you are looking for in your 'article'.

Expect some flak from people who will object to 'spoon feeding' you any of this information.

Do some research first!
Nonsense diplomat, why I'm sure that many hard working soldiers will give up their valuable time to assist a layabout student.

How else will he find the time to drink his subsidised beer in the students union or take part in G8 rioting or CND demos?
Thanks for tips guys!

I have spent the last week trawling through the forums doing my own research, and there is plenty of useful information but...

A lot of it is fairly dated - our government claims to have rectified many of the failiures identified early on in the Iraq war ie - lack of body armour, desert boots that melt in the high temperature and SA 80's that malfunction in the heat.

As a civilian who has no knowledge of the situation now as it is compared to then so I need to ask people who know if things are as bad as they once were, if the government has completely got its act together or if some improvements have been made but other things still need sorting out. Cheers, Ben


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The kit is still woefully short and/or totally cr@p in most cases, the accomodation is still cr@p, the ex-serving personnel are still treated like shoit, as are the ghurkas, the disabled and those with PTSD.

The armed forces are woefully undermanned, including the army, the navy and the airforce.

The MOD (with the agreement of Broon) have agreed that UK armed forces cannot fight in both Iraq and Afghan and prevail in both locations - the armed forces are simply not big enough and too underfunded to fight two third world shoitholes at the same time. God help us all if we have to fight anyone proper!


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The_Cad said:
Nonsense diplomat, why I'm sure that many hard working soldiers will give up their valuable time to assist a layabout student.

How else will he find the time to drink his subsidised beer in the students union or take part in G8 rioting or CND demos?
Had to chuckle at this post !! :D
Yeah, I enjoyed that post as well.

I would rather be getting p!ssed in the Union bar, but Ive got homework and a proper job to do and cant afford to go on the lash right now (aww, poor me ay!?!)

I will hold my hands up to going to the G8 protest in Gleneagles, but im not a beliver in unilateral nuclear disarmament.

Im sure you will all take the p!ss out of me some more, but thanks for replying - I need real peoples opinions, If I make it all up myself there isn't much point is there?
They still won't issue Jazzmag MK 1, Wanking for the use of. The bastards.

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