Whats the sha**ing point

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by dunster, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. We've just had a female posted in to our Regiment and she has already managed to sh*g her way through half the seniors and is now starting to work on the junior ranks (obviously the pecking order applies to sha**ing aswell). Some might say well whats the problem as long as they keep it under wraps but they dont all the seniors are already singing her praises clearly not based on work!! The worst part is these are the same seniors that go on about nigs getting away with murder you are right they do get away with murder but if you stop sha**ing them it MIGHT make a difference....
  2. Not your turn yet then :lol:
  3. Ah, right thread now dunster!

    Anyway, stick a Helquest in and we'll make our minds up!
  4. Lucky girl!!!!!!!
  5. what's really hurts is he's posted... :twisted:
  6. just out of interest, whats her first name?
  7. I take it from the replys that no one gets bothered by this sort of thing happening in their Regts..Its not the fact that they are sha**ing let them get on with it but its the double standards these are the seniors that winge but they still go on tour and stick it in the first female that bats an eyelid while the wife sits at home loking after the kids
  8. Dunster, your time will/may come (no pun ) :D if they are not affecting you get on with life :)
  9. you're right ex-dvr it doesnt affect me just grips my sh*t :x ever have anything like that in your Regts????
  10. People only get bothered when they actually know about it! Might also be a lot of exaggerated rumours rather than fact.
    If discipline standards have broken down at coy/troop level, I guarantee the following will be interested and will act:
  11. If she is a bike, then dont fret, you will get a ride soon enough..

    She will have no credibilty and will be no threat on the promotions board and regardless of rank, provided they are singlies, if a big gwad gets waved in your face your going to mount it..

    Would you complain if you were in a camp full of trouts and you were nobbing your way through them all, highest rank first

    What an idea for a sumt film :D
  12. The thing is mighty i dont want a ride!!! And you are right if you are a singlie why shouldnt you jump on when the train stops but the majority are married guys its just something i dont agree with..
  13. Yep - Dunster is definitely not getting any. Oh - and the birds will all get promoted before you as well if they are shagging about.

  14. Mmmmmm, I'll take a guess here because Quote: while the wife sits at home loking after the kids. Unquote.

    I'd say Dunsters a wife, who hubbie has come home and told her the story of this new female in the Sqn/Regt. She's now panicking, and looking for ideas as to deal with this before it's her husbands turn. Failing that, he's a jealous Tom who isn't getting any !!

    Queue Blondedick................
  15. Come on Dunster - fess up - jealous wife or tom getting none?