Whats the selction process for Ammunition Technician.

I'm in the process of joining (got my barb booked and medical forms sent off) and thinking that Ammunition Technician is my first choice of job. Is there a specialist selection day for AT's as i know there is for Intelligence corps as this is my second choice? They have a selection after ADSC, is this the same for AT's or is it Phase 1 after ADSC?
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There is a post somewhere outlining the progression of an AT.

In short terms, although i don't know if its a prerequisite for going onto AT Selection, but there is a AT CAB (Ammunition Technician Careers Advisory Board) which is not a specific pass or fail, but more guidance towards your chosen path. This is something i know of being done before phase 1 or even during phase 1.

After phase 1 you will do a 2 day selection whilst at your phase 2 unit before starting the course.

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