whats the score with wearing OG jumpers?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SONOFHOMER, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. i see senior ranks wearing og jumpers over cs95 is this the new winder dress regs for barrack dress?
  2. Ive seen riflemen wearing them at 3 rifles, redford when i was there and asked about it when i went back to my TAC and seemingly thats standard for certain units to do that over colder weather periods
  3. Seen it coming in more and more now aswell, Apparently its the new barrack dress?
  4. Looks more like an affectation than an actual reg from what I've seen as only some people are doing it.
  5. Worn by people who don't want to wear a combat jacket + belt.
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    Saw Royal Welsh wear them with stable belts around stomachs and CS95 underneath.

    I think units have seen the incoming Barrack dress (which looks sh!t) and have implemented their own liking to it
  7. its also worn by some training NCO's at grantham
  8. Any chance of a link Sarge?
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    I've been sent it on my Dii account...will try and locate...
  10. Is the New OG Jumper the same as the previous JHW?
  11. Been wearing jersey heavy wool over CS95 shirt as part of winter dress for years, as 2 RGJ and now 4 Rifles. Looks scruffy as ****. Also brilliant when you get the odd hot day!!!
  12. Worn said Jumper over C95 whilst posted to Signals over 10 years ago, also 2 RGJ and RA, standard winter dress for some units.
  13. Isn't it just a bit of an affectation (like those of us STILL wearing a 58 belt) to show the NIGs that we've been around, because we were issued with the JHW!
  14. Worn by people who adopt the 'layering' principle (as well as those who work underneath forced-air-system vents)