Whats the score with TA Sigs and is it bad for health?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnnyonthespot, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Saw a thread on here (if you tell me how to do a link I could add it?) talkin about royal sigs TA.

    Anyway, my question is, am I right in saying TA Sigs don't use the latest army radio/comms (booman) kit and use something else like a previous version?

    The reason I ask is am quite interested in joining the TA and working on radio and comms and the sigs unit is one of my local options but wondered what equipment you get to use and how this would effect doing tours.....like if I was not trained on the kit the reg army use, would this mean I could only do tours doing other jobs/roles?

    I know I could ask them but I dont want them thinking am being snotty about their kit (cos am not), specially if I end up joining them.....Just wanna see what my options for trades are, specially with liklihood of doin a tour at some point
  2. It's all paper cups and string up here mate :roll:
  3. Where are you...like which unit? Do you do sigs for engineers (seeing your forum badge) or are you sigs?
  4. msr

    msr LE


    Which signals unit are you looking to join? Different units use vastly different bits of kit.

    The best thing to do is go and speak to all your local units, see which one you like best and join them. You do not have to sign up on your first night, nor with the first unit you visit.

  5. Thanks.....possibley lookin at 64 squad of 38 sig regiment? They apparently have new kit? Is that true?

    Like I just checked out the 'TA near you website' and looked at another unit...'34 Northern Regiment'. It's quite funny as whoever wrote it is slightly less than complimentary about the unit saying they do comms with "really old kit" and suggesting interested parties should go somewhere else if there interested in doing sigs.

    PS....Is booman bad for ya health? Like my mate who's a copper said when the police got the airwave radio system...even though some coppers had headaches and bad reaction to the handsets (they work like mobile phones apparently), they still have to use it....even though we all know that using ya mobile phone alot (or airwave radio if ya a copper) is bad for ya health.
    Like........i also read somewhere about the royal artillery radar systems can zap you with micro waves too. What am trying to say is like I dont wanna do a job in the TA which uses kit which is gonna mess my health up in the future. If I get injured or something doing my job or worse then thats an occupational risk...Not find that the kit has been sloww cooking my insides and I end up with cancer or some shit like that. No offence.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    I am sure if you drop Polar a PM he will be able to help.

    No, it is quite true. They have Ptarmigan, which was conceived in the 50s, designed in the 60s, built in the 70s, brought into service in the 80s, finally made to work in the 90s and WTF are we still doing with it in the noughties and is it really going be extended into the 10s?

    It's BOWMAN and we haven't been trained on it yet ;) Can't see kit being hazardous to health (too often), anyway you will only get to use it a few times per year.

  7. If you ever get any in the first place......
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Indeed, this could lead to the interesting position of all our clansman being removed and nothing arriving to replace it...

    Back to the Nokia Net then :roll:

  9. I reckon there's a real chance that we may end up only getting Bowman trg in readiness for Ops. The kit that's allocated to the TA is cadreised anyway, vehicle mounted man packs and essentially for familiarisation as far as I can see. What happens when there's no 349's?
  10. The first fax was sent in 1842, using the telegraph to trigger a message between Glasgow and London. The technology has changed (well, apart from in the Glasgow MoD office) but the methods of use remain the same. So it is that the technology being used by the Partmigan is old, and Bowman upgrades it, but the method of use is common between the two. The infrastructure remains largely the same, pre and post Bowmanisation, and the guys I know from 49 who've mobilised (or are mobilised) have had little problem adjusting.

    I would suggest that if signals interest you, pop down to 34 and have a chat (although they are away at camp until the week after next, the PASO is still on the end of the phone). You could always look at 63 and 64 at the same time if you fancy it (although 64 may like you to be trained prior to moving over). The main thing is getting the basics squared away before moving onto whatever challange you want to pursure with the TA. You'll not be pressganged into a unit you don't like!

    But like msr said, Polar's the man to PM.
  11. You'd think that, wouldn't you.......
  12. Where is this slightly less than complimentory website ?
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Going on a tour could be conceived as a hazard to your health...... :roll:

    They also issue you with a rifle, again, in the wrong hands could be a hazard to your health.

    Do you own a sky dish or a mobile phone? Both conceivably hazards to your health...... apparently.... :roll:
  15. Cheers Dev

    Point of order "i also read somewhere about the royal artillery radar systems can zap you with micro waves too." technically true but you'd have to be a thick twat to stand in front of any artillary system really, radar or not.