whats the score with RE number one dress

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by follow-the-sapper, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. i am a attending a wedding in a couple of weeks and have recently be in contact with thE Sappers Shop ref number one dress.

    i am in the royal engineers and have been told many different things about the way the uniform is set out.

    do .................
    A. the eppauletes have red lining (or is that only infantry)
    B. wear my rank on both arms?
    C. what colour is the backing on both my rank and qualification badges?
    D. do i wear the gold lanyard, and how is it worn?

    as you can see im in abit of a pre-dicament with this as i dont want to tip up to the wedding looking like a bag of spanners, obviously the average civvi wont have a clue but i want to look right

    i look forward to hearing your comments
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Wear a suit?
  3. Try contacting Medway Medals on 01634 572277, will be able to give you all the answers and hire you a No 1 dress if you want
  4. wear a suit what a good idea never thought of that! i have been asked to wear a uniform as the perosn getting we dis ex military so i can only try
  5. If you can, speak to your SPSI - he'll know who to speak to, to get you the right kit.

    Alternatively, speak to the RE museum.
  6. Are you not a civvie?
  7. Having enjoyed attending a couple of weddings as Guard of Honour I can admit that it adds a certain tone to the occassion. However, they were for serving military, not ex-. However, whatever makes the bride happy!
  8. I'd be interested to know the feelings on this
    How does this work TA-wise?
    Are the TA civvies full stop or is F-T-S entitled to wear 1's or indeed 2's to a formal occasion?
    What about ex reg TA? would that make any difference?
    A soon to be wed friend has hinted that he'd like to have somebody in uniform at his execu....err wedding, I don't really care myself as I'll end up shiters in the one of the bridesmaids dresses (or at least knickers) anyway, hopefully.
  9. I thought CO's permission was required to wear uniform to weddings?
  10. i have asked permission hes sound with it
  11. I know plenty of stabs who got married in uniform guard of honour and all you can't exactly say to them "you can only do this if you are still mobilised"
    or have signed the pay sheet
  12. wow wow wow sweet child of mine i am new to this site and dont know how to change (just TA post) i am a reg 6 years in at wimbish
  13. As you say you're in the REs why not ask your SQMS (or equivaqlent) (a) If he can get you a No 1 dress and if not (b) What are the dress regs on RE No 1 dress.
  14. cheers robbo got yor email mate
  15. I assure you, much as it was appreciated, the sight of you in blues was not what made the bride happy!