Whats the score with own kit in training ?


I was wandering what the score is in recruit training (pirbright) and ITC catterick with your own kit nowadays.

Can you take sorbothanes from day 1, things like drybags for kit in bergen, bergen covers, waterproof stuf sacs, map cases, your own compass (military of course), are you allowed to take all this stuff or does it get seen as being necky, confiscated etc.

I know when i was a recruit in the 90's some things were ok, others not, what about boots already broke in ?

Its just i am rejoining shortly as an s-type and was wandering whether its a waste of time taking the kit i know which will be useful for me ?

at catterick we're only allowed to use our own kit on final ex

i've got tac 3 in 2 weeks and the only gucci kit we're allowed is softies

sorbothane insoles should be okay... they won't know anyway

compasses etc i think they'll make you use their Silva ones

drybags in ya bergen should be okay... boots should be alright so long as theyre exactly the same as issue ones


I remember being made to buy a bin liner to keep my best boots dry in my 58 large pack along with spare combat suit etc. Ah those were the days!
You could always rock up to the ATR with the stuff required, ask the DS when you get there and if you are allowed to bring some of your own kit then pick it up on your first weekend off ready for the big events further down the line on your CMS(R).


Sorbothanes if wasn't allowed them my legs would just fall apart. I wear issue boots for my civvie job and when i brought some sorbothanes last month my feet were in heaven best £17 ive spent in a while.

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