Whats the score with 1 Sig Sqn (Special Comms)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by danmk, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know anything about 1 Squadron ? What are the blokes like ? Does anyone know much about the job they do ?

  2. DanMK
    are you enquiring about regs or ta? or just the unit as a whole?
  3. Dan try googling for contacts

    Edited for being less than helpful
  4. Are we starting to WALT someone?
  5. A starter for ten from the official Army Site (public domain)

    It isn't really that difficult ........... ?

    Note the various links at the bottom of the page also.

    The real question, Mr danmk, is why is it that your first post (18 May 2006) reads as follows:

    If you have been there then you should know about the job, have a few contacts and therefore not really need to ask the question here.

  6. Ouch , rumbled? 8O
  7. YEAH I FEEL THAT. I'm new here too man, the arrsers will kill ya. I'm going signals and i can still be caught out. check my last blog! gotta love the drink !

  8. Hmmmm- seems your bang to rights son !!
  9. throbber.
  10. Mate you have been well sussed. Wait till I see you at work. Your getting rock all.
  11. LOL

    What a fcuking loser.