Whats the real deal??

There's been loads posted in different places about the FAS but i can't find anywhere on here where the new look army is explained. Rather then peoples assumptions does anyone know the Endstate of the FAS. Once its all gone through what will the army look like? (I've tried the Army Website but its not part of the Plain English Campaign!)
I think it's more of a "contact - wait out" situation. There is a dearth of info on FAS everywhere, even internally. The most recent has been the announcement of the new "Royal Regiment of Scotland" capbadge, for all 5 Scottish Battalions and their TA equivalents. As for the rest, it's pretty evident that 19 Light will move to NI post normalisation, and that 4 Mech will move from Osnabruck to Catterick.

There will be plenty of RAF airbases going vacant over the next 10 years, so expect some further moves towards re-org on those sites too. The whole theme of FAS is to bring us all closer together in "super garrisons" across the UK.

Me, I am campaigning for a garrison site just outside Birmingham - have you noticed just how few army barracks are around our fine second city?

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