Whats the quickest and legal way to make £2000 fast

What's the quickest and legal way to make £2000 fast. I have a lot of spare time on my hands as I work shifts?

Any ideas?

And yes to confirm I did say legal.
Get a second job round your shift pattern, sorted!

You could try the ponies/dogs or stocks n shares, but you could lose more than you make!
Sell all of your furniture.
PM me your bank details, PIN numbers, code-words for online banking etc and I will deposit $20,000,000 that my late uncle (the Nigerian Finance Minister) had in his Swiss bank accounts. Send me the balance in six weeks time and you keep the interest.

Hope this helps.
Overtime ofcourse
salforddude said:
~~Why do you want £2K,cant you get a loan?

Need the money to move house. Estate agent fees are £1950 and then to buy my next its about £800 for survey fees. The robbing cnuts.
You could make that in two months if you put your mind to it and hung around outside Tesco on your days off.
1. You can negotiate agency fees, especially if you tell them it will be paid in cash

2. Often you can add survey fees to the mortgage, cheapest loan you'll get anyhere.

3. Most mortgages allow you to take a six month "payment holiday" after the first few months or so. If you can beg/borrow to get you through this, then take that payment holiday and use the money you aren't paying in every month to repay your loans

Sounds like you might be running things a bit close, though. Remember that things do go wrong and don't commit yourself to something you may not be able to repay.
Gubmint_Agent said:
boney_m said:
Sell a kidney to an arab. Or better still, one of your childrens kidneys to an arab.
Given the Arabs' predilictions, I'd ignore the kidneys and just sell one of your children. The kidneys would just be a bonus. :p
Thing is, if you sell your offspring piece by piece its a steady flow of income and the parts are kept naturally fresh.
Come round to my place and shoot the cheeky Kosovan tw@t who's opened up an illegal car valet service opposite my house. I'll supply the shooter and ammo. Cash or cheque?
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