Whats the problem??

Listen you lot, things aren't all that bad in our Corps surely?
My girls and boys here at Arborfield are working hard to make sure rebalancing and my all important Engineering Standards are implemented fully to ensure we come out at the other end ready to face the challenges that we as a Corps will no doubt face in the near and indeed mid future.
I am of course always open to any suggestions and any Welbeck boys out there will no just how suggestive I can be if you know what I mean.
Anyway I really must go as there is another Reme Battalion CO that is deperate to invite me to his unit and show me how things are working for the better......Lean......not my waistline after all those guest dinners!
Why thank you Asuman....if you attend one of my excellent roadshows you will find out exactly how my team here are engaging with all other branches to drive through all these much needed changes to bring us out much leaner and prepared for the future.....no honestly you will.

The boys and girls here in Aldershite will be extatic if your circus (I mean roadshow) comes to town!
Asuman believe me.....the red nose, chequered trousers, squirty flower, extra long shoes and funny car are being prepared by my batman as we speak!!
Tell the boys and girls the boss is on his way....tell the CO I'd love a guided tour of the unit to speak to the boys for some quality feedback.
if you come to visit us what pack/engine would you prefer us to lift wr/430 cvrteng/g box or what other pointless task could we stage for you?

I will let the gang know tomorrow morning that the boss is coming to town. Oh how they will be thrilled! Must get to bed now , it could be another lean day tomorrow.Pip Pip.
What on earth are you on about Lawsom....every time I visit a unit they are all working hard lifting PP or recovering broken down vehs.
Must say the units are very clean though....no leaves anywhere to be seen.
DeeMee (A)

Much to the Propmans annoyance we painted the whole of the Guardroom (inside and out) brilliant white and the kerbstones Red,Yellow and Blue today in case you and your staff sprang a surprise visit. Checking through back issues of Crafty Magazine we have not a Senior Staff Officer visit us since CREME (SE District),popped over the road to us in 1974 ,to get his kettle fixed. The whole Unit is on tenderhooks in anticipation that the boss may come to town with the circus,sorry roadshow.
Sorry guys but you are just going to have to wait a bit, rumour has it that this years WRP is going to be a smashing Lean success (again!) so I may schedule in a trip out there instead just to confirm that my great idea is being implemented and directed correctly. I really dont know why everyone in the Corps is so sceptical about all the luverly plans we have for the future; how can anything we think up not work??
Asuman dont panic, I will get there eventually.....CREME did say that when he was there in 74 the grass looked decidedly dull green...please ensure if I do visit all blades are shiny and pointing in the same direction, its all about standards you know - let one slip and we may as well just merge into the RLC and be one big Loggie Corps......now there's an idea (ADC take that out of your mouth for a sec and write that down!).

A merger with the RLC. Now where have I heard that before! Oh yes ,when the old Rag And Oil Company(RAOC) thought of it in 1962.
It was first muted back in 62, when the Rag And Oil Company had all the power at the big table. Something my old Chief Clerk (the one who had a fetish about dressing up in a gorilla outfit) told me. All to do with them having 3 balls and we had none.

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