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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ZeroAlpha, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. Hi all just a quick question for some of the people out their that think they have an opinion....

    Whats with the hateing on re-inactors of past wars and battles....
    I for 1 am glad that these people do it, its not a job and its not a lifestyle...its only a hobbie....but yet some of you still shunt them with stupid remarks, saying that the vets of the days gone by dont like whats goin on...If they didnt like it they wouldnt talk about it...

    I hear that some people are sour that the people that have chosen this for a hibbie ware ribbons on the uniforms they ware, whilst doin the re-inactments...

    I will tell you guys out their why you are sour they ware these ribons, its becouse you eather dont have them your self and never got to see, Or you think that it is for the reasion thay shouldnt ware them as they didnt go to battle and earn them...

    Think about it this way, These are the people that make the documentrys and bring what happend back to life for you to have a glimps, a peak of what went on during the war, and they try to make it as realastic as possable, with out these guys you would never know what went on dureing the war and would only hear the odd storey for grand perents and grate grandparents, These are wars that will never be forgoten and should never be forgoten.
    Hundreds of thousends of lives lost to make are world a beter place, Why not let the world know what went on and why we should be thankfull...

    Thank you for reading and leave your views GOOD OR BAD !!!
  2. and i thought my spelling was bad!!

    Perhaps you should try re enacting going to school for some spelling/grammer lessons
  3. Yeah but this aint about my spelling really is it, But if you want i will start a post for you too have a pop at me then yeah...hows about that....would you like that....nout beter to do than sit and jip people about their faults...make you feel good dose it..?
  4. Your not helping the reenactors by this thread really are you. Infact Id say you have just made them an even bigger target. The lads/lasses on here are (as they have stated) taking the piss out of ALL people who dress up, not just reenactors and they are well within their rights to do so as they dress up for real (well alot of them do/did anyway).

  5. Grammar... :wink:
  6. Ok then if thats all its about, do the lads/lasses sit their and slag down the actors in films made about the wars gone on....Nah i bet they dont, in fact i bet they encourage it as its good entertainment, if it wasnt for these guys these fimls wouldnt come to the big screen, am i right or am i wrong ?
  7. Dozy i was being pedantic

    And for your info Zero alpha, we do actually slag down actors in war films who do a bad job, same as any other films , But you have to remember an actor dressing up to make a war film is totally different to being a sad cnut, who dress up at a weekend to play games and run around a field with there cap guns shouting , 'i shot you',
    ' but i shot you first ' kind of crap.
  8. ZeroAlpha, it's not your fault and nobody blames you. You're young and inexperienced, a point proven by your total lack of ability in grasping what this site is about. This site is about soldier's humour and most of it is black humour that can at times seem nasty. Some of the things I don't like but being a big boy I just ignore them. I suggest you do the same.

    Now drink up your cocoa and off to bed with you.
  9. Well i understand that bang bang your dead, no i aint blah blah and so on so forth...
    But do you not see that if they didnt do what they do we wouldnt know in depth what we know now...
    They dont do it for the dressing up, they do it to have a closer look at what it was actualy like...i am ex army... i know what a real rifle sounds like.. but i still understand what they are doin and why they do it...cant you see it...?
  10. Birdie_Numnums lol i am 25 m8, i aint a kid but isnt this site or this forum about descusions ?
  11. Yes they probably do. I do aswell, I can spot the wrong kit on the telly dead easy as can most here but it doesnt mean they are going all out to get it stopped are they. Its easy, their taking the piss just like I would if I met one with the wrong kit on.

    Yes your right, if it wasnt for the people who did it for real in the first place then there wouldnt be any films. However the posters on here are the same type of people who the films will be about.

    Just take a breath and understand that if someone came along and started reenacting something you did in real life then you would have just the same opinion as the people on here, NOTE its an opinion.

    Dozy, I was going say that but he's got more posts than me ;)

  12. I'm not glad they do it. I don't care, particularly, but am a little concerned at the emotional maturity of someone who gets his or her jollies wearing a uniform and insignia he or she hasn't earned.

    Actually, this is wildly offensive. Quite a few people reading this have their own medals, usually earned at the cost of some personal discomfort - and have an idea of what the WWII equivalents mean and meant. It gets right up my snotter to see some spotty tosser with a chestful... OK, OK, I'm calming down.

    I would be very happy indeed for WWII reenactors to simulate the environment as accurately as they can. I suggest several months in combat and all your friends getting killed as a good start to simulating the experience.
  13. Dont get me wrong i dont mean to start any arguments or any thing like that, and yes if the reenacted something i did wrong...i would be the first to point it out. but then i would sit back and say look this is where you have gone wrong you need to do it like this...they will never get it 100% right with out the imput from the people that actualy did it...

    I dont actual and never have actualy done any type of reeninactment... but i am interested in doin so to try and grasp a bit more in depth of what happened on times like D-Day and normandy/ market garden/ and so on so forth...its comon interest....do you not think it would be kind of cool to try and see though a VETS point of view what he went though in his 267 day during 1944 what hell he wnet though.....?
  14. Actually I understand the opinion of some of the soldiers in here. We can simulate the comfortless life, but one thing we can´t simulate ( and I wouldn´t want it as well), is the danger and the blood and gore. We are ACTING, nothing else, we are definitely not WW2 combat soldiers . This is also the reason why I don´t like the mock battles often shown at public events to entertain the spectators, or "tacticals" ("Bang, you are dead!").

  15. No, it isn't really about your spelling, punctuation or grammar. That being said, if you are trying to articulate an argument or a point of view, it would help your cause immeasurably if you didn't convey the impression of being an illiterate gimp in the process.

    As someone of the crab persuasion, I sometimes feel a little uneasy about posting on what is, after all, supposed to be a site for army personnel. However, this sudden infusion of Walts in the past few days that feel compelled to justify their existence has me absolutely bewildered. What on earth makes you people think that you are qualified to pontificate on this site of all places?

    My sense is that, almost to a man, the serving, reserve and retired members of the armed forces that post here don't like you or what you do with your free time. Furthermore I don't think posting these sad little messages will convince us otherwise. Most of you sad little shites can't even be bothered to toss the webmasters a couple of quid for their trouble, you leeches.