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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Int_ZBZ, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone come up with some valid reasons why anyone should continue in the Royal Corps of Signals, as i am having a great deal of dificulty thinking of any.


    .kilo, kilo
  2. As opposed to what? Leaving the Army? Transferring to a different Corps / Regiment? If you are p*ssed off, is it the trade, the posting, the location, or something deeper??
  3. If you don't like it, you know what to do!
  4. Yes I can, ...... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... .... .... ... hang on, still thinking... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..... ....with 8 weeks to go before being kicked out.... .... ... ... ..... ....mmmmm you may have a point.... .... .... ... ... ... great friendships, great mates, some good trollops,......... I can think of 2 oops 3 outstanding officers..........me......... .... ... ..., I may have to come back to you on this one
  5. Poor old Royal Siggies...on the evidence of your forum, those of you with some interest and motivation must be tearing your fcuking hair out in frustration at the attitude of some of your comrades.
  6. Yes.

    Are you sure that you aren't just having a great deal of difficulty thinking?
  7. I was being a little tongue in cheek. Loads of good reasons for the Corps. Loads and loads.

    However, a few good reasons for getting rid of it, officers, the corps will do fizz anywhere in the world just to outdo anyone else, achieving nothing.
  8. Tell you what - get out - and take all the other moaning siggies with you - i estimate this will leave the corps with the strength of 3.

    What the hell is wrong with signallers? I am so numb from knobbers like you - i wanted so much to stay in the corps when i got medically discharged - i offered to retrade to a non combatant trade such as clerk (at the time the corps had clerks, and storemen) but no - i was told i was destined for Civ Div and there were 30 people who would have swapped with me....

    Moan moan moan. let me tell you something for free.

    i had good postings, i had dire postings, and the thing that kept me going was the knowledge that i volunteered to be there, and wear that uniform and serve my country. If you find that the pay is not worth it then i can tell you you are in the wrong job. No one joins the army to get rich. (except techs).

    I appreciate the bullsh1t ethos is in the corps through and through, and theres not a great deal that you can do to change it. so make the most of the good stuff, suck up the bad stuff and stop moaning - or Foxtrot Oscar and take all the other malingerers with you.

    but most of all shut the feck up.

    Civ Div is pants, no sports afternoons, no guarentee of trade, postings are pants and never ending, leave entitlement is poo, pay is often crap, hours are often far from friendly, theres no support system, Council Tax is at the full rate, no subsidised housing or food. Petrol is full price, VAT is payable on cars and they dont issue uniforms.

    Not to mention the complete lack of Beer calls on a friday afternoon.

    Wind it in or sign off. End of Dit.

    Ex Telemech
  9. Rincey boy.

    Good post.

    On the money, but I have a job in civdiv that is cool. I work for MOD !
  10. Good point Guru and Rincewind. civdiv isnt all its cracked up to be. I have a crap job for the local social services. I hate it and get more stress in that, than I ever got in the Falklands, Boz, Sennelager, Catterick & Aldershot (I did not include Tidworth as that is a different planet). The corps has its problems but no more or no less than anyone else (except the AGC)
  11. Excellent Rincewind - I'm stood at my PC desk giving you a standing ovation. :D Well done.

  12. .Rincewind, if its any consolation I fecking love it in! even though I'm doing a pretty unchallenging job and the mo, its still great! viv la corps viv la green!
  13. more like "Can anyone come up with some valid reasons why the corp should keep me?"

    Foxtrot Oscar
  14. Int_ZBZ, I fookin hate you and all the rest of you fookin whinging cnuts, now feck off.

    Rince, top post.

  15. Rincewind for Prez!