Whats the point of having Permenant staff in SEME????

what is the point of having permenant staff working within the platoons in SEME,they dont do anything????all they seem to do is walk about acting like they are some kind of god and play squash(well the ones that are able to,most of them are overweight lard arses that are too lazy to do anything apart from shout abuse at the crafties and eat doughnuts from the new naafi(and what a waste of time thats been....open for 2 months and closed because the wiring wasnt fitted correctly???????MONGS!!!!!!!),the Tiffies do all the work and they have enough on their plate with their course and being pissed every night!
actually im not a bitter tiffy,or even a tiffy,Im just a bloke that has been there and seen these lazy useless "duty of care" personel do absolutely nothing,even class one courses are getting spammed with stupid duty of care duties,so between the class one courses and tiffy courses what is the point of duty of care personnel??
Doing duties are part of the job but being spammed with doing something that these guys have been posted in to do because they are too lazy and useless to do anything at a working unit is a bit of a P@£% take!!
It's a knee-jerk reaction to Deepcut to show that we have something in place, it is the physical evidence of providing a 'duty of care' to the troops. they should be available 24/7, a fairly thankless task. I didn't like them when I was there, but it's not there fault. It's the systems really.

You seem to know alot about the tiffy course although your not a tiffy,what with them being on the razz every night.

Pointless thread really.
I can understand for the reasons that were highlighted in the Blake report,Im all for it to be perfectly honest, but if they are gonna have people in these training establishments they should be there doing their job and not pushing off nearly all their responsibilities on to others that are there to do a course,surely its the permenant staffs job!!
well guessing by your post if your not a tiffy, then your probably one of the upgraders who strut round camp like they own the place. Doing all the unsoldier like things that we try to stop the phase 2's doing. Then wing and b*tch that you get a b*llocking. The reason people like me have to be employed at SEME is due to the Blake report, but if you'd been back to SEME a few years ago you'd know that we are greatly needed. There used to bronx like areas in the company lines and the crafties ran amok out of work. They still do to some extent, but saps like me help to control the damage. But if you were a mature NCO you would realise that anyway.

Bite back finished
I was on my upgraders couple of years ago, and yes the crafties did run amok, but not in block 11 where myself, 9th12th L lad an a mate metalbender turned weapons ruled it with an iron fist. The state of some of the PS are due to the fact the crow does STUPID prevolent offences constantly. Im in an ATRA unit now where duty of care is upmost being as the crow is under 18.
Now we have a proud and wonderful corps, and as it has been bought up many times before in threads, how bout NOT slagging our own in public (on here) and do something about it! Sit in on a forum and make some points rather than shinfing bout it! Jog on... Out


I always found the Perm staff really funny individuals.

They cant answer your questions and they never had a clue if the nominal roll was up to date. They lectured on about us accounting for everyone but never had a clue who was where and with what.

Then there is the mess...and the perm staff attitude.

Then I hear on the grapevine that Tiffy students are now known as "Sgt's in training"? If true, god help the Permy that addressed me by that tag.

Perm staff or no perm staff - no inbetween solution. It just gives room for excuses and mistakes!

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