Whats the point of Airborne and Commando trained loggies?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by SKJOLD, Jun 4, 2004.

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  1. And b4 u all jump up and call a screaming craphat I have done and PASSED P Coy. What possible benefits and knowledge do these qualifications bring to the trades of the RLC. Why b airborne when u drive a DROPS? Why b a Commando if you sit at a desk all day?

    And if u say it speeds up promotion then u r more brainwashed than u think u r! 8O

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  2. well , someone has got to count all those parachutes. :lol:
  3. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    It may be a radical thought but I would assume the reason attached arms do these courses is so that they can depoly by the same means if required.

    .........or, it could be so they get to pull all the decent birds and leave the mingers to the AAC :wink:
  4. Fcuk all apart from having some badges,
  5. Well the blanket stacking loggie para officer that I know is a complete loosser and a total plastic Para that has a chip bigger than the Isle of Wight on his shoulder...
    So what is the point.....gives us someone to wind up !!
  6. Lets not forget, its gives us very fit seniors and WO's who get posted to normal units, who think we should all be as fit as them in their old units, and beast us to feck. :evil:
  7. Take a trip to your Corps museum, or have a chat with some of the ex-RAOC, RASC, REME, RPC soldiers at the D-Day commemorations. Ask them what they did and you'll find out why we still have them.
  8. They are a different breed from a different generation my friend. If only we could all be as brave as them.

    Still though, when did the Paras last, en mass, do an operational jump? Could be back at D-Day all those years ago.

    Paras are mostly used as Spear Head troops these days. The reason we still have them would probably be political. In todays armys, they have the technology to see the planes, and shoot them down before the poor paras get a chance to jump.

    My answer to the starting subject would not be why we need RLC paras, but paras as a whole.

    Marines are different. They have been used for years, and still have a role in todays wars. Logistical support is required from the RLC, and will continue to do so.
  9. This is not a debate about the use of Para regt or RM in modern warfare.

    Its about do we really need to train RLC personnel to undertake Para/commando type training

    At present I think the the lentgth of training for both courses and this figure includes both the parent Unit pre conditioning for arduous training, P-Coy/Commando and Jumps.

    Green Lid 14 weeks

    Set of Wings 12 weeks

    Thats nearly 2 months away from unit.

    Its how these Units conduct operations a during a para drop everything goes at once inf, art, loggies

    Marines take a beach followed two days later by art and logs. And why do u need a green lid to drive a 4 tonner of the boat. The hard works already bin done. Ohh yeah what marines there were at Normandie was very small, the mass landings undertaken by NCTs and it still worked. But then again as with airborne, marines were used differently then

    16 AA Bde will never conduct airborne operations why? Because its severely lacking in the airborne qualified men to back up these operations at CSS level. Also a Bde is to small and both 3 Bde and 16 Bde should be enlarged to division size.

    The last time the british jumped was 1958 Suez Canal with the French, without American support(sets the tone for the next 50 years) and major lack of transport aircraft(couldnt borrow them from the americans) So it failed. for one reason or another.
  10. good point, the paras are just historic anyway, maybe they should be the next lot of inf to go when the govt get their trimming scissors out again.
  11. If the MOD dispanded the Commando and Para Regt, There would always be some knob head who brags he can run further and faster than you or I. But when comes down to brass tacks could he actually do his job.

    Para regt is still an essential part of modern warfare if they werent important why havent the bean counters dispanded them?
  12. its all historical, recent historical not proper historical like the sphinx.

    Shouldnt they be called parachutists until theyve done an operational drop? I bet it stings a bit when they see the septics jumping into Afghanistan and Northern Iraq, may have been for the press but still operational.
  13. what else would u like to call parchutists that havent jumped operationally! M

    Should a fighter pilot not be called a fighter pilot until hes done some fighting.

    Or a should a medic not be called a medic until hes administered some medicine to stop that person dieing.

    So what Filbert, what would u call an infanteer thats never been too war?

    Odds on for a really sarcastic comment. or could u possibly give me a serious answer? :roll:
  14. I got a bite, I got a bite, I got a bite

    its only 0920 and my day has been made already :lol:
  15. Bollox! :oops: