whats the pay work out at basic training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kbytt, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. so if i go to basic infantry training will i get paid and if so will it get taxed will i be skint for 6 months

    and when will my first pay rise be ?

    cheers im heading for the infantry i have a wife and son but im not sure how long it would take for me and my wife to be housed in married quarters
  2. Not thought of asking at the recruiting office then?
    Or searched for the posts all asking this same question?
  3. It's around 13k a year for basic training and when you pass out and become a private your pay rises to £16,500, there or there abouts.

    That's obviously before tax, like any job, the earnings per annum are typed up before tax.

    You'll have food, rent, training, equipment and pretty much anything else you can think of for free, so no, you won't be skint.

    I can't wait!
  4. this was my first post to this site so is it u ask a ? and get told to ask somekunt else baw bag

  5. Most people will beast you for asking bone questions because they are easily asked at the Army Careers Office.
  6. so u walk away with 1000 after tax right then yai have to pay for food housing and whatever else so realy the army if fucked up coz u get paid more as a trolly pusher in asda lollol

    what can be done about this as this just aint sounding very fair to me should there not be some sort of change to this coz it kinda looks like the army is geting away with far to much
  7. Go to the Recruiting office and ask!
    If your looking for massive pay then go somewhere else
  8. Not a very original reply, but.....

  9. surely this has to be a wah...
  10. ok ill only post things the careers office cant help me with

    sorry for joining but fur **** sake yeez are heavy bitches telling me ill get boned for asking simple questions and cheers dap you awserd the question better than any of the other posts i have searched through as i was not sure if
    i had to wait the full year b4 my pay went over the 16 grand mark so cheers fur not blabbering shite thanks mucker
  11. If you take food, rent etc out of your earnings as an ASDA trolley pusher and compare it to Army pay, your much better off with Army pay.
  12. I cant believe you're all taking this gimp seriously.
  13. english please?

    and how much were you expecting to get as a recruit? i think its probably more than fair the pay while doing basic training, you have nothing really to spend your money on while at basic, so when you come home for long weekends on leave then you will have a nice lump sum to spend in the pub :p ...