Whats the oldest possession you own?

After giving my room a much needed tidy last night I came across an old alarm clock I've had since I was I kid, which was bough in Germany while my dad was based at Munster

This alarm clock is older than me (pre 1983) and it still works fine despite having various liquids spilled over it, being dropped numerous times and even thrown down the stairs at one point....this thing is so old it even has a (working I might add) tape deck!

Does anyone else have any possessions dating back a fair bit??
A Naval General Service medal which predates the Waterloo Medal (which I also have and which I know was issued well after the event)

A Phillips PCR (Phillips Communication Receiver) which is a couple of years older than me, and I really am old - 2402nnnn old
I have a trilobite fossil from the middle cambrian age ( 375 million to 500 million years old) that my sister dug up while a geology student in Utah.



My 'liberated' toolbag from my recce times.
Can be buggers sometimes. I mean : what the fcuk is a 5/16 spanner these days ?!?!
I have Tutankhamun's chest X-ray.
But it's not one he drove down to the local General Hospital to get done.
I guess it was done when the exhibition was in London.
I got given a copy when, as a young Student Radiographer, we went on one of our visits/courses at Kodak or Ilford.
Well these are all putting my 26yr old german alarm clock to shame!

Although, I do have a chunk of Hadrians wall I chiseled away on a school trip, as well as a chunk of an egyptian temple I acquired a couple year back
A 17th Century Armoire in white oak, and a silver tea set which has been passed down from the wife's side of the family which is about 300 odd years old.

Everything else is from IKEA :D :D :D
The geological samples would be cheating as some are pre-cambrian so if we're talking human artefacts....
Probably an early Victorian dining table.
a book printed in 1640, some 1st to 2nd century roman copper coins (not the best condition in the world though)
Got a candle stick that was given to my relli Thomas Huxley by Darwin. And I've got some stuff in my fridge that has been there im sure Darwin could probably classify it.

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