What's the oldest building you've lived in ?

Well since the earth is allegedly around 4.5 billion years old, I call sprog Walt.
Man-made, I mean, although in any civilised African country, woman-made...suck on that Libby Purves.
Well, even man made, if it's made of brick the clay the bricks are made of is millions of years old.

If it's made of wood, it is made from sunlight and the sun is as old as the earth, give or take a bit.

But apart from taking the piss, I own a house in Kent which was built in around 1884. The place where I am typing this was built in 1955.

I have stayed in the Ship Inn, Porlock which is quite old and in many guest houses all over Europe which are very old. In Wenceslas square in Prague there is a restaurant which has been open for about 500 or so years, or so they say. I had pork and cabbage with spuds there for dinner. Not bad grub.

Last year in Hong Kong I met a delightful Chinese bird (I have met her before) at a party who lives in Shakespears old house.
Nice, EOD ! Really ! Howerever, having a beer or a scoff doesn't count...nevertheless,you have some nice gaffs !!!Pity no old Colditz boys are still alive, would have beaten everyone, except on the food and beer menu !!!
Being a septic sort things are not so old here. My home dates from 1878 and the oldest house is town only dates from 1646 with a few others a bit later. Near me is a gristmill dating from 1691, built by Mordecai Lincoln, great great great grandfather of President Lincoln. The town was only organized as a town in 1636.

There are parts of the US with older buildings. I have been to church in a chapel built in 1610 and visited churches built in the 1530's.

Oddly, many years ago my mother almost sold her house in order to buy a house built in 1653 here in town. She didn't and the new owner decided to tear it down and build a modern house that looks like a shoebox.

Note: old houses are a bitch to heat!!
I lived in an 1890 workers cottage in uk, we nearly bought a 1790 house, it still had the old well in the cellar for drawing water!

The school I went to was founded in 1558 and parts of it were from that era, the headmasters office was the old school house built then. Some of the older buildings have been converted to luxury flats , but it's still got some old interesting parts
I've lived in a small building that was, apparently, made of cow muck. It was over 700 years old and was only demolished recently by some "Lunneners" who didn't want an unsightly shed in their holiday home garden

sheds? I know, I've mentioned the magic word and will now erupt with boils but if the Emperor demands it who am I to argue
I don't want to come out a 'castle' walt, but in the 80's I use to shag a woman who had a flat inside Ludlow Castle. So pre-Dooms Day book.
I live in a 200 year old farmhouse, but briefly I lived in a Coach house that had been an Inn in the 1400's for drovers. The old part was at the back and sections were added every hundred years or so. Not a single floor was level or wall straight. Loved it.

The original fireplace in the kitchen had a 3 seater sofa in it, it was that big. Stunning house but forever leaking!
"suck on that "Libby Purves".

My life is shit at the moment but that made me smile. Ta.

Not lived there, but done quite a few small jobs on it..... this is the gatehouse to Kepier Hospital built in 1112, presently a couple of flats, look at the thickness of the wall in picture 2.

It's all part of a farm now, owned by the same family for many generations, most of the house is later dated, but the living room!

You can see it was built by the same craftsmen who built Durham Cathedral in 1093.

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