Whats the name of the Ranges with the Eagle in the forest

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by accidentalscaley, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Any one know what the big ranges are called in Belgium with the German eagle and cross grown into the forest above the lake?
  2. Spanish_Dave

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  3. You sir are a genius. Cheers
  4. I remember the steps, running up and down for PT and the Belgie bar. What a great place, unless you went swimming in the lake.

    Excellent ranges.
  5. Isn't it a Belgium camp in Germany, I remember very basic accomadation (fit for conscripts). Don't the statues have their tackle shot off by the invading British Army in WW2 (same with the old swastika's)
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    And you can find some more HERE.
  7. Has anyone got a copy of the 15 Bde photo? It was taken on the sports field, just after Iraq had invaded Kuwait?
  8. I think it should be what WAS the name of the ranges.............

    I believe that military use of Vogelsang finished sometime in 05.
  9. Ventress

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    Top ranges, I recall where ever you went in the camp by what ever route- you went up stairs. Like some crazy Nazi optical illusion.

    Top link SW!
  10. I was last there in 1980 as a young dumb private soldier. Memories of the place were bad food, cold accom and the anti-tank range that encouraged you to utilise petrol bombs for fun :p

    Still, it looks as though it is worth a second visit.

  11. In the late 90's I heard rumours that some soldiers(not sure what nationality) had died swimming in the lakes. They were supposed to of got lead poisoning from the ammount of old shells etc in the water from the ranges does anyone know if this was true?

    It was something like 259 steps up the side nearest the swimming pool, did lots of running up them.
  12. or maybe it was a tale to keep you out :)