Whats the most original extra you ever gave out/were given?

Many years ago as a young chef I was, not too irregularly, quite useless. Punishments, when they weren't swift and brutal (head or stomach), were usually long, drawn out, menial tasks, given to me with the intent of making sure that mistakes weren't repeated or forgotten.

One day, after a particularly useless performance from myself ( which included putting a tray of pies in the oven but forgetting to take off the clingfilm first :D ) I was given a list of extra jobs which had to be carried out after my shift had finished;

1. Peel two 15kg sacks of onions;
2. Drain and clean all three deep fat friers;
3. Empty, clean and restock the two walk-in fridges and the walk in freezer;
4. Make 200 packed meals, including making the sandwiches;
5. Prepare a 50 portion salad bar;
6. Finally, fill the salt bin.

To cut a long, arduous story short, before I knew it 10 o'clock came and went. I'd started at 7 o'clock that morning, and was beginning to lose the will to live, but consoled myself in the knowledge that after filling the salt bin I'd be able to retire to my room for a well earned beer. My face dropped, however, when I realised that the 5 boxes of salt which had been put next to the salt bin each contained 1000 individual salt sachets :x . There was a note on one of the boxes saying that the boxes and salt bin had been weighed, and that the empty sachets and salt bin would be weighed again the following morning. Never before has my spirit been so thoroughly crushed, but needless to say I never put clingfilm in an oven again!
Another good one was being told to take 32kg of frozen mixed veg, and splitting it all down into individual pots of carrots, peas, swede, sweetcorn, etc, only for it to be thrown back together the following day, much to the dismay of the young offender.

There have no doubt been hundreds of imaginative extras dished out over the years, so let's hear them.... :D
The long winter nights in the kitchen just flew by.....................
The most original extra I ever received was being thumped in the gob by my first CSM (cheers Tiny you big b'stard)!
I had to stag on a freezer full of water for taking a box out of it for 6 hours. Needless to say that was the one day my Platoon had unlimited access to cold water during Telic 4.

Stupid fcukers!
Allegedly People will all start wearing them on Monday according to GMTV and Radio 2. Must be a new fad.

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