Whats The Line with the Bookies?

Right.. time to bring down the wrath of the righteous - or at least the Southern Baptist supporters of DubyaBush..

what's the official London bookie odds on when the US will lose its 2000th soldier to insurgents in Iraq?
Been a lot of play on the Las Vegas underground bookies lists over this one.. Not only are there pools as to time and place, but also on whether it will be male/female and if it will be White/Black/Hispanic who takes one for the cause of freedom...real bettors are seeking odds on shooting, remote mines, suicide bomber and whether it will be a ' targeted ' kill or collateral damage from an atack on civilian gatherings...

some sicko out there is likely to turn a tidy profit is the fates align things just right.

got to love ' freedom of expression ' and the profit motive...
five pounds on a trigger happy red-neck from texas, got to be friendly fire!!

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