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Whats the Israeli VC? - recon he qualifies?

postman_twit said:
This will get the apologists ranting:

"He didn't even give him the chance to surrender! Imperialist oppressors!

Tough s*** Baby. :twisted:

Actually, it would make my day to see one of our finest Guardian writers take this one on and come up with an 'arrest' option on it. I doubt whether any of them has the necessary faculty. Challenge, chaps.
Good work from the soldiers.

It does suggest inadequate ground–air cooperation though. Allowing whatever was making the film to just shoot every suspicious heat signature might not be practical, however, it should have been able to alert the soldiers.
Mr_Deputy said:
whyohwhy said:
Should be taught on OPTAG.
This was an instinctive move due to excellent training. The type taught and learned in their fighting training. They have a technique called Krav Maga. Developed by a Jew who saw his family and friends wiped out by the Nazis.
We should learn from Krav Maga …
Check out the Shortt Thread! 8)
I just love it that after the action finishes the guy doing the subtitles cant be bothered to carry on translating "...the pundits carry on talking...". Brilliant.
Hope not all of my patrols are stored on camera like that somewhere though :oops: Thats cheeky frap at the FRV 'while nobody was watching' doesnt seem like such a good idea now.

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