what's the health issues with meat ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bad_pixel, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. are there any guide lines for how long it's OK to keep meat without refrigeration before it might be dodgy to eat ?
    some meats seem to to be better for being "maggoty" but I'm not sure about chicken and fish although is lobster ok if "maggoty" ?
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  2. I have two rules, I never do Barbies and I never accept/handle/cook/eat dodgy meat.

    Take no risks with chicken. If it (anything) looks/smells/tastes dodgy, bin it. Try: Buy local reputable source fresh meat. Keep at 5 Celsius constant, in clean conditions (the fridge) for 2/3 days at most. Consume before expiry date. So avoid pikey market stalls and vans without chillers. Some claim "hanging" or keeping beef/steak for days until it goes a funny colour is okay.

    If its frozen, defrost it thoroughly in the fridge for 24 hours, but still look at the origin and freeze date.

    Cook all high risk meat properly, to core temperature 75 degrees Celsius at least and reheat just one time.

    Shellfish? don't fcuk about with Shellfish.
  3. Beef and pork last quite a long time without refridgeration.

    But once you've opened the tin, keep it in the fridge and eat the contents within a couple of days.
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  4. People now are extremely wary of meat due to many scare stories. I have eaten meat that was rotten and have never had any problem. As long as it is well cooked, eaten when hot and the left overs dumped its ok. Rotten meat has the texture of cream cheese which may not be to everyones taste.

    Lobster has to be cooked from being alive; i.e. put into the water alive. You need to be more careful with shellfish, I pick my own so I know where it has come from and also how long it has been out of the water.

    As for the bollocks of not refreezing meat, refer to my first point. People are terrified of meat spoiling. It cam be refrozen although it does change its texture after a while. Just think, people have eaten mammoth that was dug out of the tundra that had been dead for at least 10,000 years.
  5. Meat has been subject to a lot of conflicting opinions over the years, however there has been a constatnt, trust your nose and eyes!
    If it stinks and is green don't ******* eat it, anything else when cooked is fine.
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  6. Never mind all these fair Werther sailors. Get it down your neck. What could possibly go wrong? If in doubt, make curry.

    Emp Mong.
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  7. does that apply to leeks then "taffy Boyo".........Lights blue touch paper.....walks away!!
  8. beef benefits from being hung for at least 3 weeks (pref 4), again game can be hung but I prefer it fresh with the exception of venison. Fish and shellfish should always be eaten as fresh as possible. Chicken and Turkey are the most likely to cause infection but pork can contain liver fluke if not cooked correctly and you can get (although rare) tape worm from beef if not cooked properly.
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    You fckin voyeur.

    Sorry, I meant gourmet. Knew it was a French word, anyway...
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    I hang Peasants :) for 8 days in the garage, and the beef I buy is normally 21 day hung.
  11. You certainly 'Botched' that up, silly sod!
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    Who, in their right mind, would eat lobster that was 'maggoty'?

  13. TAFFY....TAFFY? Do I look like a South Walian knobhead? :)