Whats the furthest youd go for a skive?

I once gave a full Sunday in casualty at home faking a neck injury in an attempt to blag a 'unfit for travel' chit meaning I could stay at home on the nest a while longer and be able to drink my train fare or petrol money.

They placed me in a neck brace, and fcuked me off back to camp. I spent the next three weeks in physio with the gestapo at DKMH regretting every minute of it. I went in with a fully functioning neck, shortly after I could rotate it like an owl and its been fcuked since.

Sometimes Skive to survive backfires and fcuks you over.
I once woke with a severe hangover on a Monday at Dryad whilst on a course and thought i'd turn up at the sickbay claiming i'd banged my head and thought i may have knocked myself out.
Plan was to aquire a brace of brufen and retire to the block for some well earned rest.

Oh fcking no though...was dispatched to Haslar for full head scans etc and eventually released 6 hours later...with the brufen. 6 hours ina tri-service hospital waiting room reeking of beer and feeling like shite is not my idea of a loaf.

Edit: Was due gangway duty (armed) whilst alongside in Montrose. Blatently worse for wear in the morning and unfit for duty - went to sickbay and claimed my wisdom tooth was killing me. Got dispatched to Dundee dental hospital by duty transport and had tooth removed. Back onboard for 13:00 and detailed off to commence 2-8 on the gangway...more fcked on painkillers than I'd have been still drunk!
went all the way to BATUS once, did fcuk all when I got there... even managed to get bedded down in the med centre for a week eating nothing but ice cream and watching the world cup while the blokes were getting ragged around the area and bitten to fcuk.

Was quite chufffed about that.
I'd love to contribute to this thread, but unfortunately I'm one of the sad fuckers who goes in every day whether he's dying or not, and scrapes a day's work together. (Not a dig to those who do, I just need to see the light obviously. ;) )
Spent many a day walking round purposfully with a blank sheet of A4 doing the square root of feck all. Walking around the upper deck catching the sun all day whilst holding a fire fighting nozzle was another fave. Between decks, if you loafed around with a piece of fire fighting equipment on your person then people would even open compartment doors for you!
I once spent a very hung over day walking around Gib barracks, carrying an empty cardboard box and trying hard to avoid everyone with stripes on their arm.
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