What's the easiest money you've ever made ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Only ask because tomorrow I'm going to be paid top dollar for sitting around doing crosswords under the table, slipping out for the occasional fag and daydreaming whilst a pack of unluckies do a test...not the easiest cash I've ever made, but a great lead-in to the weekend !
  2. I did dubbing, German film to English. 200DM an hour it worked out as. All I had to do was read a script. Seldom been so happy!
  3. I had some insider knowledge that turned £2000 into £9500 within a couple of days when a certain company got bought out by another.

    That, and as a contractor working for the MoD on the DII project..........
  4. I expect after the initial 5 minutes, the dialogue got easier and easier as the clothes came off !!!!
  5. A modelling assignment for the BBC, £250 for sitting around for the day for one of the sections of their website
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    shagging RRW pads in the shot at 30 bob a pop, while there men where in NI, Happy days
  7. One of my first jobs was as a wine waiter in a local fancy hotel. They had corporate boxing nights with companies paying for tables which they gave seats out to their customers. Typically each table would order a round of drinks, pay with cash saying keep the change and look after us. This would happen about once every other week through most of the year with the lowest "tip" I got being about £50 a table. The highest was the change out of a grand after the guy ordered about £600 of wine.

    At the same place, a group wanted to keep one of the private bars open an extra hour or so and had a whip-round and my mate ended up with an extra £350 quid for what turned out to be nearly 2 hours of opening bottles of £5 a pop becks.

    Amazing cash for a 17 year old as I was at the time :)
  8. Thank you, eod, thank you ! That pic made my evening ! When I get back from tomorrow's skive, I must remember to get the stains off of the carpet !!!!
  9. I used to stand in the room whilst she was being made up in the mornings wearing only panties and a skimpy bra. She was a bad tempered fucker in the mornings until she'd had a cup of coffee though.

    Edited to clarify that she was in panties and bra not me. Although I would have liked to be in her panties.
  10. £1200 a day advising drug companies on marketing plus unlimited ale and free food. Shame can't get the same work now.
  11. Where did you hang your coat when you came on shift? Er, perhaps 'started shift' would be better wording .......
  12. I ate an earthworm when I was in secondary school, that was an easy £5.

    I have also stolen money on several occasions.
  13. On my last night doing a civvy contracting job on Ascension, in the Sgts' Mess. In the last horse race of the evening, picked up about £200. I put £1 in the bandit and dropped £250. I put another £10 in and gained £200.

    It was the only night that I'd called into the Mess. The RAF types were scowling. The Posties were patting me on the back.
  14. 22 years "working" for Her Majesty. Seriously though, when the film Memphis Belle was made at RAF Binbrook late 80s I was an extra at £ 5.00 an hour doing very little.