Whats the difference?

When i applied to join the army i originally put down Welsh Guards as my first choice but my recruiting Sgt is quite keen for me to go for the Royal Welsh, Can anyone tell me the difference between them? iv had a look into both regiments and the main difference appears to be public duties, but being on the outside looking in is nowhere near the same as having been there and done it (also judging from all the previous posts referring to wind surfing it would seem that the info iv got may be a little misleading) iv got recruit selection next week so i'll have to make my decision soon, (i undergo regular medicals in my current job and judging from comments left in other threads my fitness is fine, so fingers crossed i wont have any problems)

Any help is much appreciated
no idea about the royal welsh or welsh guards, but heres a tip.
lots of recruiters will say 'join royal welsh' or 'join PWRR im in it, they're ggggrrreeaaattt!'

at my ADSC like 80% of the lads were going for PWRR, and when asked why PWRR instead of another infantry regiment, the general answer was 'because my recruiter said they were really good'.

not all are like that, and my recruiter was a diamond. lined up people from RE for me to talk to, explained about all the jobs i was elligable for (and that was every job except int corps because of age), was honest (like said being a chef is still a good job, but if your looking for a bit of adventure and get near the sharp end, steer clear), and just said go away, make your mind up, and come back next week, tell me your job choices and we'll send you down to ADSC.

go on the army site, and read about all the infantry regiments. see if any take your fancy. and of course, most have numbers you can ring to talk to a recruiter for that regiment. ring them up and have a chat, afterall its your life you're signing away.
no idea what the royal welsh are but the welsh guards, Scots guards and so on are infantry men that also do the royal guarding at buck palace tower of London and the rest.
Welsh Guards are currently stationed in London next to Buckingham palace, dont know how long for.

Don't worry they don't just do the royal guard!
Thanks both for your advice, iv done a bit of digging and it seems that the royal welsh have 2battalions, 1 in england and 1in cyprus while the welsh guards are based in london but have a company in belize and are due to go on operational tour late next year, so far i think i'll stick with my original intention and try for the guards
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