whats the difference?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by leon1986, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. could anyone elighten me on the difference between a mechanized brigade ie 4 rifles and the armoured corps regiments, meaning this if 4 rifles is mechanized shouldnt that be down in the armoured corps regiment list? and if joining 4 rifles mechanised regiment do i get experience in being a foot soldier , driver or gunner or is it a specific role i have to choose wen enrolled into the 4 rifles regiment?
  2. When you were at the ACIO did you think to ask?
  3. its only jus cropped to my mind , jus thort id ask wat role id be doing etc
  4. Mechanised run about in Warriors or whatever, RAC regiments have Challenger 2 or Scimitar. And if you join a Mech regiment, you'll train as an infanteer firstly, then once at your unit you will get the chance to become a driver or gunner. The end.
  5. I suggest you discuss this with the ACIO and not some random bloke on the internet, it is their job.
  6. Um mechanised used to be saxon battalions and armoured used to be warrior, and light role was land rovers.

    No matter what the battalion does, it is only your way of getting to the fight, you still have to get out at the other end and fight on foot.

    There is however the Armoured Corps, who use big heavy things with big pointy shooty things for fighting with and only get out for a slash and a gyros.
Thread Status:
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