Whats the difference prime minister?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scotscop, Oct 27, 2005.

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  2. MC , link removed.

    Previously , I have stated that links to images of violent death (Ogrish etc) are unsuitable here.

    The points raised in the opening paragraph I believe are relevant. In fact I believe I have posted commentary to exactly the same conclusion on Current Affairs previously.

    However, links to imagery of this sort are not allowed here.


  3. How about the buses?
  4. The Buses are a good comparison , but no hyper links to those on that page please. There are images available on BBC news that will illustrate the point (and where those images originated)

    You may also want to post comparison images of Omagh etc.

    Thanks MC

  5. The aim of the IRA was/is/and always has been to rid the country of the oppresive Brits and to unite Ireland. I fully agree wholeheartedly with those aims, but I do despair of some of the methods used.
    To equate the IRA with the tinpot policies of al Qaeda is to do an injustice to the IRA and to their aims. Shame on you, manchestercop!

  6. You are as bad as Bliar, Bugsy. Have you any idea what you are talking about??
  7. Shame on you all attacking the IRA, bunch of good guys who just happened to murder a the odd few innocent in their attempt to obtain power.
    Heavily constrained as one Mod gets upset at his friends being criticised.
  8. Sorry, Flash, but it's YOU who appears to have no idea of what I'm talking about!

  9. You are correct there. Were you being ironic?

    So, in your mind organisations killing civilians or killing illegally has different levels?
  10. Flash, as an Irishman I want the Brits out of our country - it's as simple as that. I truly deplore the loss of every life lost in attaining that objective, but there are always victims in any struggle.
    It seems it's OK for the Brits to cheer the deaths (obviously "legal" in your view) of Germans looking to take over their country, but when Brits are on the receiving end, any deaths they sustain are deemed to be "illegal" and all murders undertaken by Brits are "legal". Have I understood that right?

  11. Moderators note.

    Whilst lively debate is encouraged, I do not want this descending into a the usual round of pointless name calling , whenever this subject comes up.

    I also do not want to see any future arguments which may arise seeking to justify murder as the road to a "United Ireland"
  12. As a Brit im happy my country stays British, long may it.

    I do hope you have an Irish passport and are actually from Northern Ireland....
  13. Its a shame the link to the gory images had to go. The site they are on has a political message and while the images are gory - its not gory for sake of gory such as sites like ogrish etc. It communicates the horrendous consequences of bombings which I think people, I for sure, often forget. However I can also see the requirement for ARRSE not to be associated with ogrish-esque sites.

    I disagree with the politcal statement of the site which ManchesterCop has pasted here in the first post. Unfortunately, I think Tony is pretty much doing the right thing in NI. IRA/Sinn Fein are 'acceptable terrorists' - although I'd prefer the term 'less repulsive terrorists' in comparison to Al-Queda. They killed a lot of innocent civilians but the fact is in the vast majority of attacks they were not AIMING to kill civilians, they were primarily economic/military targets. Al-Queda tries to kill as many people as possible - both by aiming at soft targets and by not ever giving warnings. This lack of 'intent' to kill civilians makes the IRA less repulsive than Al-Queda (not that attacking military targets was somehow ok either).

    But the key reason why I think Tony's approach is unfortunately the right one is because of realpolitik. If dealing with the terrorists means an end to violence then that's what has to be done. The security forces have already made huge sacrifices over the last 35 years and this is yet another bitter pill for them to swallow. I would have preferred to have seen the terrorists defeated by arrest operations etc. but it just wasn't possible.


    Disclaimer: IN NO WAY DO I SUPPORT THE IRA. This topic came up on ARRSE before and I took quite a bashing for my views - which doesn't bother me but I wouldn't like to have a whiff of 'green' about me. I come from a 'green' background but I don't give a shite about a united Ireland - so long as there is no violence or discrimination I'm happy.
  14. Sorry but it seems to me the aims of the IRA was/is and always has been about making themselves rich and or powerful.

    A large percentage of their victims where Irish too

    I'm sure Al Queda feels their ambitions at least as noble as the IRA see theirs. It all seems to be murder in the name of God to me

    I guess you can make whatever comparisons you like but murdering innocent people is just plain wrong whichever cause you file it under
  15. I do not believe that was it for the IRA, ever.