Whats the difference between Politicians and Public Servant?

Lets take a test case:

Date - Early 2004
Name - Claire Short (and round)
Place in the pecking order - Privy Councilor, MP etc etc (towards the top)
Alleged Offence - Leaking Official Secrets to the Press
Outcome - The Government cannot decide what to do. Do we (a) Prosector under the OSA (better not the last case failed and she is one of us really) or (b) do **** all. ends up writing her memoirs and getting a shed load of money.

Date - Early 2003
Name - Dr Kelly
Place in the pecking order - MOD Civil Servant, a functionary.
Alleged Offence - Leaking Official Secrets to the Press
Outcome - Hounded by the Government until he came forward, name not leaked to the press honest (but if you guess it I'll confirm it and just to start you off it begins with Kell), ends up dead in a field. RIP

Anyone else spot the difference?
no, what's your point?

Clare Short is an elected member of government, as such she is above the law and is not subject to any disciplinary action (though the cabinet secretary did send her a "theatening letter".
Dr Kelly on the other hand, is the government's scapegoat and existed purely to be shat on from a great height.
Not long till the yanks invade us to get rid of our oppresive regime I feel.
Spot the difference?

One appeared to be an honest, upright citizen with a conscience. The other's a politician.

Work it out for youself!!!

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