Whats the demand like for Signallers in the Army?


I have my basic on 12th May, so this isn't for me. My brother is trying to make his mind up on what he wants to do, and seems to be drawn mainly to Royal Signals trades (installation tech at the minute).

What is the demand like for Signallers in the Army?
Is there any particular trade that is needed more than others?


Installation Tech is one of the most in demand trades in the Corps. He would be likely to get some operational time quickly.

To be honest, all trades in the Corps are busy but your brother would be wise to chose a career that suits him, rather than one that will see him on ops the quickest. He's likely to be doing what he choses for a great deal of time.
Interesting question, in that it would be good to know what the manning situation is like to get a better idea understanding of recruitment timescales.

Is there a manning problem within the Sigs, or are these false reports?

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