Whats the deal with....?

Black boots and MTP? Reading another thread on PECOC i had a look at this page on the Soldier mag website -

Soldier - Magazine of the British army

In my opinion wearing black boots with MTP looks bloody daft, anybody in the know have any idea if this is going to be the norm when we all get it or will boots change? Maybe not dessie boots but something other than black would surely look a damn sight smarter
Black boots are often worn with it - junglies on the ground as they don't shrink when wet. I'm also on the agreement that dessies look smarter however!


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Past, Present and Future my arse. More Like TA, Regular, LazerQuest. Has anybody noticed the Ghost of Christmas Future has plain Coyote Tan Webbing. Which hardly breaks up the outline making our shinny new cam completely redundant. Oh and re the Bycicle Helmet. It hardly goes with the Hearts and Minds bit of COIN. They should go with the below helmet and just have done with it.

How will that bloody great lump at the front of the helmet affect looking through the optics/sights?

Lets go the whole hog and have these, famous for their accuracy.


i think we should go with the combats and nike trainer look. covers all bases, hide in bushes, go for a jog and claim your on the sick when any fizz comes round! as for the helemt, looks very gucci but how are you gonne smoke your head off with that on
I think brown leather boots would like quite dashing with it all. Plus unlike desert ones, they could still be bulled, thus pleasing the RSM.

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