Whats the deal with stable belts?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jimbleep, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. There's a stable belt for Royal Signals and a stable belt for 71 regiment (Sigs)... Do I have to wear one or the other? Is there one for the Signals "corps" and one for 71 regiment? Am I allowed to wear either / or? What's the big deal anyway?
  2. I thought each sqn has its own stable belt (or is that another London Sigs Regt), but you wear your units belt (you don't need a signals one)
  3. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Most Sig Sqns with Yeomanry titles have their own stable belts - this is the same in whichever TA Signal Regt (including 71).

    It is your choice whether to wear the Sqn one or the Corps one. If most people in the Sqn wear the Sqn one then I would do that (in some Yeomanry Sqns it's not much of a choice really...more of a requirement)

    Bear in mind if you move Sqns or regts you will need a different stable belt - I have three......
  4. Wear the Essex Yeomanry Belt. You are not allowed to wear the Corp belt.
  5. BTW, how did the course go?
  6. How does that work with mess kit? Would you have to get a new set if you moved Yeomanrys/Sqns or do you keep the one you started with (which makes more sense)
  7. EY have their own, but I think you can wear Corp also. If you change badge then all new I guess?
  8. bibo_boy wrote "(Wear the Essex Yeomanry Belt. You are not allowed to wear the Corp belt).

    Whats that all about...what cap badge do you wear, if its "jimmy" then how can you not be allowed to wear the corp stable belt.
  9. I don't believe the Yeomanry are techincally Royal Signals, I don't think the jimmy is worn on any other part of the uniform (i.e. on No 2's) - Even the berret may not be RSigs
  10. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Come on Polar that's a wah right?

    Of course they are royal signals - how ever much some might like to think they are not.

    Some R Sigs Sqns with yeomanry titles do wear different collar dogs, some do wear different mess kit (or have the option to if they can find/afford one), but even the EY wear the jimmy cap badge and I don't think even they would claim not to be Royal Signals. Nothing wrong with being proud of your Yeomanry history and tradition but let's not take it too far....
  11. I worked with the Inns of Court and they all wore jimmy it was only the collar dogs that were different...i understand and respect their past traditions and i support that, but they are members of the "Royal Corp"
  12. No, I honestly don't know. We are all bog standard Sigs up north.

    So if the Yeomanry are Signals proper then do we have their VC's?
  13. ^They aren't with them, the Yeomanry (except the Arty guys) were always independant. Most fought as themselves in both WW1 and WW2.
  14. True. The Middlesex Yeomanry do wear different badges of rank but only on Service Dress - something to do with being the guard of honour for Queen Victoria some time ago..... Their dog collars are also Middx Yeo, not Royal Signals but they do wear the jimmy in their beret and of course, their own stable belt. This is a unit that is over 200 years old, has been in everything from the Boer War right through to WW2, has numerous battle honours and a VC (Major Lafone). Much of unit memorabilia is now at Blandford in the museum.