Whats the deal with Foreign motors in the UK

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Cpl_ripper, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Quick one, My boss who's a stuck up german, has been in the uk for 3 years. He's still running his german reg car (VW Toe-rag). Whats the score on road tax, MOT test and insurance ? :? Surely the master race is being somewhat naughty!
  2. German, eh? Game on - the thing has to be UK registered within 6 months (I believe). He has committed several offences under RTA and, being German, at least 3 under Human Rights legislation.

    Bubble him to plod or DVLA.

    You are to produce an after action report soonest.
  3. Has he been back to boxhead land in it? I'm sure the clock re-sets every time the car goes back to it's country or origin. :?
  4. Baseplate is right. There was a similar question on arrse yesterday. If it is in the UK for more than six months of the year then it must be UK registered and taxed. Naturally it will also need to be insured. The DVLA website gives all the details
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Yes the master Race is being naughty. There are import VAT implications (contact the HMRC helpline (0845 010 9000)), there are road fund implications, and the possibility that the Police might want to stick him on for failing to display (road fund licence/number plate) and there is the distinct possibiliy that he might not have valid insurance.
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer


    Not true. Under TI if he leaves the country, or the car leaves the country without him then the Import VAT becomes due (if he claimed TI in the first place).
  7. I stand (well sit really) corrected.

  8. chaps thanks, Sit rep to follow!
  9. So can somebody explain why there are so many Polish, Latvian, Czech, Slovenian etc - registered vans running about in the London area which have been sign-written with England-based firm's details (usually including mobile telephone numbers)?

    Fairly obviously they belong to our "guest" workers, electricians, chippies etc, but it seems a bit cheeky, particularly as many of the vans are RHD.

    I gather, from speaking to Polish colleagues, that insurance is a lot cheaper (though I'm not convinced that it satisfies UK requirements) and the foreign numberplates confer effective immunity from speed camera and congestion charge fines.

    But, just how legal is it? Is it worth me registering my car abroad?
  10. I reported my wifes ex husband (spanish) for driving his car (lhd spanish registered in the uk for 3 years) to the DVLA gave address were he worked/lived, (as you can guess i dont like him). Recieved a letter from them stating that they only had 1 inspector to cover 80 sq miles so if he was in the area they would investigate him.

    You guessed it they didnt bother.
  11. If you have German registered car/plates etc...then it is totally valid as long as you have paid the German road tax - up to date German MOT etc etc.

    Its the EU ffs :roll: if its legal in the country of registration then its legal anywhere in the EU...as long as your a civvie...now military personnal..thats different because of the tax free benefits...fking freeloaders :D
  12. Beg to differ,the legislation relates to place of residence etc,bubbled wifes ex boss for the same,will dig the details out and post.
  13. well I lived in UK with German car for 2yrs mate and DVLC quoted me that if its EU...no problem..could be wrong mind these things change every month..keeps the EU parliament in work I suppose :x
  14. From the Department for Transport;
    Any vehicle used in this country for more than six months in any twelve
    has to be registered and licensed with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing
    Agency (DVLA). In addition, where the keeper of the vehicle becomes
    resident in this country, the vehicle must immediately be registered and
    licensed here."

    Rules for determining residence are contained in the Directive. In
    broad terms, it says that normal residence means the place where a
    person usually lives for at least 185 days in each calendar year because
    of personal and occupational ties.

    Everyone ignores it so why worry about it.