Whats the deal with Blackwatch taking on officers?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Agent_Smith, May 11, 2005.

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  1. I am looking into applying to RMAS in the next yr (dependent on work commitments) and would like to join the Blackwatch if i get through sandhurst.

    The problem is that they are one of the regiments North of the border that are scheduled to amalgamate. As such, will this effect their intake of officers for the next few years or will they just stop taking them until they get the amalgamation sorted?

    I have sent an enquiry to the Regimental Secretary asking these questions and more, but i would like any info/advice that the good members of arrse can provide.


    Agent smith
  2. A_S, best of luck with that but they aren't quite amalgamating in the sense which might be inferred from your post - and they aren't "the Blackwatch"!
  3. The Royal Highland Regiment!


    Officer Commanding
    Black Watch Regimental Recruiting Team
    Queens Barracks
    131 Dunkeld Road
    PH1 5BT
  4. Cheers guys,

    I have sent a letter of enquiry to the regimental sec (as it tells you to on their site) and await it with baited breath. I already have one from the paras, and will see how things work out before i make any decisions.

    Will they keep recruiting as per normal or will it slow down or stop for a while?

    I had heard that they had had a moritoriaum on new recruits for the last few months before the FAS review, and wondered if that included occifers? :D

    once again, all help appreciated.

  5. Isn't the amalgamation due to happen on St Andrew's day? Or is that jsut the RHF/SG?
  6. You are all fairly ignorant on this issue:

    KOSB and RS will amalgamate and as with the Highlanders, RHF, A&SH and Black Watch will become a Battalion in the new Scottish Regiment.

    SG are Brigade of Guards. Untouched by FAS.
  7. No, the rest do not simply become a Battalion in a new Regiment. They all almagamate into a new Regiment. For now this new regiment will have more than one Bn.
    If you think all of the Scottish Regiments, other than the KOSB and RScots, who will almagamate beforehand, will remain as they are now except for being under the umbrella of this new Scottish Regiment, it you who is fairly ignorant, or naive on this issue.
  8. A somewhat sweeping statement? :wink:
  9. Agent_Smith

    There is no moratorium on officer recruiting. Currently officers are being recruited along regimental lines (RS, KOSB, RHF, BW, HLDRS and AandSH) however commissions are being allocated along divisional lines to the following logic 2 bns will get 2 offrs each and 4 bns will get 4.5 offrs each (9 over two years). This will continue until the new regiment is formed at which point each bn will get either 4 or 4.5 offrs per year. The Colonel Commandant and his board will allocate officers to where they are most suited/needed.

    I understand your desire to be a BW officer (understand is a loose term) but if you are not prepared (I am not suggesting you aren't) to serve across the spectrum of the new regiment then there is little point in you joining it.

    The new regiment will be formed, the scottish regiments don't need saving.
  10. Of course they do
  11. Barbs - Too much purple oxygen I suspect? Try getting out your morale-ometre and visiting the jocks lines to see if they don't need saving!
  12. My post was poorly worded - but was an attempt to convey the issue to our young pretender. I understand the issue of the single Regiment and the passions involved and therefore apologise if caused offence.
  13. Morale is quite low. alot of us are a bit p1ssed off about it. Don't misunderstand me. we are all still getting on with our jobs and will continue to do so whatever happens - although a few lads might call it a day.

    Agent Smith. best of luck with RMAS i hope you get the regiment you want.
  14. Dry your eyes Lairdx. Or get in the cellar bar and drown your sorrows.

    Anyway I'm not talking to you after you removed my girlfriend thread and replaced it with nordic goddess. Cnut! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  15. Cheers guys (and gals?)

    Help is much appreciated.

    I will keep you updated.