Whats the deal with asthma in the UOTC

As i am looking at joining the army after my degree i was thinking about joining the UOTC, however i have had asthma within the last 4 years.

As it stands at the moment i could, providing i am accepted pass all the interviews...and have no other medical problems join the army straight after leaving uni and am obviously no longer on asthma medication.

Is there anyway i would still be accepted even though i am 'medically unfit' to join the regulars? (i suppose what im asking is that if i lie at the medical they won't find out half way through my first year of training or something like that and kick me out)

Cheers guys
If memory serves, my OTC medical was conducted by a single (TA?) doctor while my Regular Army medical was with two, rather senior, doctors. Only one will try and touch your balls.

If you are controlling your condition or do not suffer from it any more (unlikely, as asthma doesn't just vanish) you can probably disguise it from the doc.

If you do that, though, you will have lied. And isn't integrity something that we look for in our officers?


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If you can get hold of it, I suggest you take a look at the paragraph in JSP 346 about Asthma. It's recently been revised as of September 06.
If not, I could PM you the details.
You may be slightly disappointed. But as Interceptor says, you could lie. However, if you suffer an asthma attack while out in the field... Well... I don't know. You'd be more than a little screwed.
Could you PM that Macks?

Its all a bit annoying really i used the drugs for 2 weeks and prior to that i hadnt needed any medication or had any sort of asthma related illness/symptoms since i was 4. But cus of that one word on your medical records your screwed for 4 years (i do understand why - ive seen a mate have a 'proper ambulance job attack' and it was bad enough on the school playground let alone in the middle of nowhere)

One of the only reasons im at uni is for something to do to get the 4 years out of the way anyway.
as someone who has been invoved in the medical side of OTC recruitment this year it depends on the type of meds you have been on and a few other factors, I suggest you go and speak to your family doctor and be honest with him/her and if necessary take any paperwork confirming your fitness to the OTC at your time of joining

the OTC medical is the same as a TA/Regular medical and the same standards and JSP's are applied. Lying could well end you up having an attack in the middle of an army training area placing yourself at risk and possibly leaving any medic attached at the time in a not very fun position as medics dont generally carry the kit that is required to help you
Ok dude, here's the rundown.

Just lie and take your inhaler on excercise (because you never know).

They never check-even at Sandhurst during TACC!!!!!!

Trust me, I know.......*cough wheeze*

As for integrity, you've been at those 'leadership by powerpoint' slides again haven't you?

He didn't say he wanted to be a GOOD officer did he?
Just remember that IF you want to get RCB'd , theres a form for your family doc to fill in, and he must be honest about your medical history.Some greek god or other.

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