Whats the deal with ACF officers

Discussion in 'ACF' started by thefootman, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Having just been on a T.A. camp there were also a few ACF cadets and staff. Out of common respect for the rank I suppose I though it only fair to pay them with the appropirate compliment of a salute. What is the deal with this. Is this basicly out of respect or does one not have to recognise their rank purley because they are ACF. I know I'm only T.A. but what would a regular do?
  2. Wow, this is something that's never been posted about before........ever.
  3. ACF officers hold the Queen's Commission, therefore I ask you, what compliments does one give to a person who holds a Queen's Commission?

    And that'll be your answer!
  4. Well that answer will do for me. In hind sight I apologise for for such a daft question. Only confused because there was a lot of "dont bother with them there only ACF" which i thought was odd but paid the correct compliment anaway. Thanks for clearing it up.
  5. Good for you! Personally, I can't stand 90% of ACF officers and 100% of the ACF officer corps that hasn't served.

    However, some have, and I mean really have! As far as am concerned if a cnut holds the Queen's Commission, it gets a salute, because the salute is for the Queen, not the cnut itself and not to do so is sloppy drills and reflects on the individual concerned (and their chip on their shoulder!).
  6. This is true. In amongst the Walts, Sex-pests and gun-nuts that ssadly inhabit the ACF, there are some very, very good eggs, some of whom have done things during their service the rest of us can only dream about. The sooner that the ACF gets regular PSI's the same as the TA, the sooner that the quality of ACF staff will increase.

    And before anyone says "The CTT's", they tend only to appear on annual camps.
  7. same for me, once I become an Ofiicer, I do know that they salute the rank not the man.
    all you really need to get the TA and Regulars to work with you, takes more than a commision, its common courtesy and a willingness to engage, I have no waltness to cultivate.
  8. They could hold the queens underwear on a stick while singing agado but I still wouldn't fcuking salute one.

    Have a word FFS :roll:

    When I took part in cadet-type parades during annual inspections etc (which I had to do for a few ACF dets as the SSM of the nearest reg unit) then for the benefit of the kids I played the game, saluted, smiled, shook hands, whatever.

    But day to day stuff, interacting, walking past them etc then no - they're civvies full stop.
  9. And you're a cnut and a disgrace to your badge! I know of an instance where someone of you mind set did the same thing to an ACF subbie, who took great pleasure in coming into that man's place of work and knocking him flat on his ARRSE in front of his troops and anouncing 'next time you disrespect the Queen's commission and ignor me when in uniform in front of my cadets I'm going to rip you a new arrsehole', before telling the cnut who he had served with and the gongs he got whilst doing it!

    Be VERY careful who you disrespect!
  10. Bore off you fucking girl.
  11. Now now sgt maj, don't get your thong in a twist, it's not your fault you have no standards or self disciplin and only follow those parts of QRs that allow you to be the friendless cnut you are....
  12. I take it he was cashiered for striking an other rank then ?

    Storming in another units lines uninvited, mouthing off to an Warrant Officer in front of his juniors, yep REAL officer qualities that
  13. That’s it exactly…

    They manage / “lead” children and AIs, hold a type B commission…
    They’re not real officers.

    However they still hold a commission and therefore should still be saluted.
  14. As I manage/lead children and AIs, really just belong to a youth club, am just a civvy and am not in the army, I have a few questions:

    1.Do I need to salute Regular Army or Territorial Army officers or even call them sir?
    2.Am I to address Senior NCOs as 'mate' or 'buddy'?
    3.Do you think any Regular or Territorial Army personnel out there would be offended if I did either of the above?
  15. The ACF officer in questions had been, until a few years previous, a senior WO1 in the same corp. As it was reported to me, they had a brief conversation along the lines of:

    ACF Lt: When I was RSM here, you know what I would have done to a gobshi'te who disrespected the Queen's Commission?

    Gobshi'te SSM: What?

    ACF Lt: TW@T!

    Gobshi'te SSM: Falls on arrse clutching nose!

    So I say to you again - If you are/were a badge, you were a very poor one! You don't get to choose which rules you follow and you should lead by example at all times. It's the commission, not the person who holds it that gets the salute!