Whats the damage on an old water proof jacket?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Homer04, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. They have issued out new gortex lined jackets now making the crisp packets obsolete. Only i was borrowing a guys old issue dpm water proof that i lost. he hadn't exhanged as he bought himself a gootchy one before anyways.

    I just like to know how much its going to cost me and if it would just be cheaper to find in an army surp shop. Wanted to ask here as im currently no where near the TAC at moment and was interested in the cost before i broke it to the QM.
  2. Cost about 20p to make so surplus grade 1, about 2 polo mints.
  3. "Crisp packet" waterproofs haven't been issued for donkeys years. Buy your QM a pint and break it to him gently, you never know your luck
  4. I thought they would be cheap. In the surplus shops there charging 25 quid!
  5. Get a print out of your 1157 - I doubt it's on there anymore.

    Don't bother buying from surplus - just ask your QM's they will, if helpfull, tell you not to worry about it.
  6. have you been stranded on an island? Crisp packet waterproofs are so 90's. Where are you based? i have a spare jacket thats way too small for me. PM me your address if your interested i can send hrough military postal system. Its an old gore-tex(no pockets on outside) bull will do for an exchange
  7. Are you not trolling fer a price, so you can sell it on ebay? Obsolete kit cannot be billed to individuals. Otherwise old LSL boys would be getting fcuked for putties and SLR Bayonet frogs.
  8. Cold war loving lunatics still trade in legit flipflops
  9. Bugger. The only thing keeping me from jacking it in was the thought of paying for 30 years worth of lost kit. You mean I can stop looking for those drawers cellular now ??

  10. Maybe the OP should have been asking about Gore-Tex waterproofs, rather than "crisp packet." Even if Homer04 really meant that he'd lost his mate's crisp packet jacket, it would infer that he'd already lost his Gore-Tex.

    I'm with GLESGA-NED on this one.
  11. I know exactly where mine are, but they're full of holes. :)