Whats the current deal with OpSec and TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Hussar, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. I have looked around but can't seem to find much that actually states what the current rules are about wandering in and out of base in C95 when coming from and leaving drill nights etc. Can somebody please enlighten me as have just had some really arssey pratt in HAC give me rollicking for going home with combats in my bag.
    Many thanks,
    The Hussar
  2. You want Army Information Note AIN I33/07 from January 2007 - it's available on Armynet.

    Basically, you can wear kit to and from your TAC, subject to any local rules from your CoC.

    Not sure why exposing combats you are carrying in your bag should bring you grief. The majority of combats-wearing persons round my (none too far from HAC) gaff are generally East Europeans working in the construction industry.
  3. Combats in yer bag?
    Bloke sounds like a jobsworth to me. How exactly are you meant to take your kit home with you?
  4. thanks ssupersixfour, i'll go and have a look at it. Do you know if other people from other london units turn up in kit or not?
  5. Londist does have differing rules from time to time
  6. well suits_U, he was spouting on about the fact alot of people in london probably don't think we (british army) are wonderful (probably true), and that some of them would like to kidnap us, yadada. don't know how valid his point was but like you i don't see how else to take kit home and clean it etc.
  7. The only one I know to do so is a lad who lives about 3 mins walk from the TAC and occasionally comes in with a jacket on and his beret off. (More to avoid the queues for the iron I expect).

    Having said that I can hardly claim to know a truly representative sample of all of London District!
  8. I don't understand.
    Surely if your uniform is in a suit carrier/(non-DPM) daysack, then people won't be able to spot your military affiliations? Where's the issue?

    I think I'm right in saying that LONDIST have slightly relaxed the rules on uniform in public? It used to be that you couldn't wear it to/from your Unit.
    ULOTC has, quite sensibly, decided to remain this way, as having OCdts cutting about in public in uniform is generally not a good thing.
    But what about other Units?
  9. I'll 'fess up here and admit that, despite finding the aforementioned AIN reference, I can't recall what the LONDIST or my unit's instructions are.

    I don't wear my kit in or home but that's as much due to habit and the fact that I tend to leave my kit in my locker anyway. (Does rely on me getting in early enough to iron it though).

    Still a bit intrigued as to how your eager HAC sentry a) could see your kit and b) challenged you about it.
  10. So demand a personal protection weapon.

    If you were in NI you'd get one.

    Gerry Adams is entitled to one FFS! :frustrated:
  11. i got this off land web, This comes from a Lond Dist security update
    Quote " Personel are advised against disclosing there identification by wearing uniform in public" unquote
  12. Being HAC, he was presumably more concerned that you were washing your own clothes and weren't getting your dhobi-wallah / girlfriend to do it for you.

  13. I know this ain't TA but Royal Naval Reserve can and do attend London based units in Uniform as it is deemed to improve our profile in the community. We are given the brief about the security implications and after that it is personal choice. This more relax set of rules came in after the IRA cease-fire.
  14. As the rules seem to depend on the alignment of the planets, most people have differring opinions on it.

    I say this - as the threat/security is changing I don't think many people would go mental if you turned up in uniform (say with a jacket on etc) but wearning a combat uniform in the street can easily bring unwanted attention from people who have nothing better to do. This could be just a toot of a car horn or strange looks but it could easily be much worse.

    The question is do you want to take that risk?

    It's your safety.
  15. not neccessarily true that mate. i know regs in NI who were under threat and werent issued with PPW's. anybody with a bit of sense wouldnt wear uniform to or from base locations. plain stupidity not just a security risk