whats the crack with the C& S sqn

Discussion in 'RAC' started by sniper9, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. any of you recce guys got any info about the forth Sqn that si going to form? we have been given tit bits, like we may get manpower from the INF when they all get changed round, any body else got any good info i can arm my self with? we are timetabled to have it up and running by the start of next year, any body else in the same boat.
  2. This is a new "reinventing the wheel" spin for the Recce/Armd units.

    In days gone by all the support elements were lumped into the Command and Support Squadron. The likes of GW,spec LAD for GW, Rebro's and Command elements were all lumped together for Admin and Staff stuff (bumped up HQ Sqn/Big Command troop type thing).

    Not so long ago all GW Striker troops were in one Squadron, no Boot Troop though. On deployment or exercise they would split to the other squadron who in turn would split their CVR(T) to the GW Sqn (hope you got that one).

    The new spin however (as I understand it) will include Boot Troops, Snipers, GW (eventually Javelin) etc who will become Regimental Assets to deploy on the BF as the Commander see's fit. That way a Commander can concentrate his FP were he wants it and maintain a balance and reserve.

    No doubt someone "in the Groove" will be able to set us all right, Recce-Cpl, should know (are you there Moriarty!!!!). I also understand that there is a slight manpower reduction, 20 ish????

    Hope this helps or is the mist still there!!!!

  3. Apparently DRAC has not yet rubber stamped the establishment for C&S Sqn. Which is interesting because all FR Regt LADs are now minus one fitter section (or troop). It seems DEME(A) knows more about FR establishments than DRAC :(

    I must say though that a rethink is in progress and DEME(A) are now establishing some manpower for the C&S Sqn..
  4. Yanto i am here, and you are more or less spot on . The Sabre SQNS will retain its 4th(boot/support)troop for the FAC and sniper assests . However C and S SQN will have the Regimental TACP and various other Spartan based assets (M-STAR,SURVIELLANCE,GW) before anybody says anything i know GW is on Striker but looks like it will have spartan for use with Javelin whenever swingfire hits its ''planned'' run out date . This C AND S SQN set up is coming into play with QDG very very soon so who knows exactly until first parade after summer leave .
  5. Snipers? Sounds like a job for ...........Snipeerrrrrrr Niiiiiiiine!
  6. The weak tea and biscuits must be helping. Now were's me slippers???