whats the chances of getting a tour?

hey,i just recently passed out at catterick and the battalion im joining is going on tour in september..whats the chances ill get to go since ive already missed pre deployment?
im on leave just now and will find out further when i get there on the 22nd..its just drivin me nut cause alot of guys saying i prolly wont get to go on tour now..which kinda sucks :(


another thing just before i left catterick i checked the jpa computer and it had my jobchoice there,ive been told its just a clerk that does this and when i get to the battalion it will change..is this true?


aye cause am going to need that in a tour eh...tosser
If you report to your unit on the 22nd then it might be a good idea to wait till then. Also use your time off to work on your punctuation and spelling, you're making the rest of us flat bellied steely eyed dealers of death look like half wits.


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If you deploy as a clerk, then yes you will.
who says anythin about deploying as a clerk?
the jpa has ma job choice down as dvr/fsg am told itll change when i get there..sigh
Unfortunately they don't need anybody to burn the shit bins anymore. Though I'm sure they'll find an equally impressive job for a gob by little nig such as yourself.

I picture you, a brush and a repetitive motion.
No chance. They will already have their ITRs in place.

Plus, you are skip-lickingly retarded and should kill yourself.
Obviously a sweaty sock he's getting all excited about collecting enemy body parts.


I shall now try to give you a sensible answer (against my better judgement).

Will you be able to go on tour? I would say it's unlikely you'll be able to deploy straight away, however it is pretty likely that you will either have to deploy to replace people who've been either killed, injured or have had to return to the UK for compassionate reasons. Not having done the full PDT package shouldn't be an issue as I believe that you only have to complete OPTAG which is 1 - 2 weeks long. Your best course of action would be to wait till you get to your unit, no doubt they'll let you know what your chances of deployment will be.

What job will you do? I find it unlikely that you will go straight into the FSG, it's more likely you'll go to a Rifle Coy where you'll have to "prove" yourself before getting the opportunity to attend a selection cadre for one of the support platoons. Again, you'll be able to find out what your units standing is on this once you report there on the 22nd.
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